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Wipe Warmers, what do you think about them?

Hi Everyone, I'm a mum of 2 beautiful girls and live in Australia. I am coming to all of you wonderful parents because I need some advise/opinions as I have a baby product idea. I have just posted my first discussion on an Australian parenting website and didn't get to much of a response. I am not surprised as I think this product will appeal to colder climate countries.

As a mum, I have changed many nappies and when at home (mostly in winter), I would change the girls using a warm flannel, because I'm sure it would be more comfortable then a cold wipe. Not think to much about it at the time i would always say, 'I wish someone would invent warm wipes'. It isn't until recently that I even knew that there was such a thing as a wipe warmer as here in Australia they are not advertised. However after doing some research and speaking with some friends who had their baby in New York and are now back here that I realised they are a 'Big Thing' for some families in the US.

So I have decided to explore the realm of 'Warm Wipes'. I have found many pros and cons, and realise the product may not be a necessity here in Australia, but it may be a help when it comes to change time, especially with new borns. 

Please tell me your thoughts, or if you have been using one that is already on the market what did you think? 

(My idea is basic, without using electricity I would create a Thermos like canister, which would enclose the wipes. I will explore a few ways of keeping them warm through water and a possible other substance.)

Thanks in advance for taking the time to tell me what you think, I am super excited about my new venture. 


Re: Wipe Warmers, what do you think about them?

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    I would not buy it. (sorry) When my son was a newborn I just put warm water on the wipes. I wish you luck, though!!
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    I had one on my registry and use it just as the wipe dispenser...have not once used it to warm the wipes! And I live in Maine haha cold winters!! I did plug it in once and it made the wipes pretty hot very quickly, almost too hot. My son is 9 mo, maybe as he enters the toddler fussy times this will be used more but so far, not a necessity. Good luck maybe something like your idea will work well!
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    I tried using the wipe warmer I was gifted a total of 2 times and realized it was more trouble than it was worth. The wipes are never cold enough that it's a problem for my babies.

    I honestly wouldn't spend any extra money on something to keep wipes warm.

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    I used a wipe warmer with my first babe, along with reusable washcloth-like wipes. It worked fine, but I didn't like having to replace the special pad underneath the wipes (Prince Lionhearted brand, I think.)

    With my second, I just kept a thermos with a pump on my changing station, next to a pile of baby washcloths. 

    I would be one to go for your idea if it could keep the wipes warm longer than my thermos could. I like the approach you seem to be going for, using pure water and not chemicals or unnecessary electricity.

    By the way, I live in Southern California, where it's pretty temperate, and a couple friends and I still preferred warm wipes for our newborns, up to about three months.

    Best of luck on your pursuit!

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    I don't have one and I've never used one. My opinion on them is that they are unnecessary. Wipes do feel cool on baby's bottom but having them warmed up like that- to me- my concern is that when we are on the go and do not have it that the cool wipes will be a shock and upsetting to the baby. I also worry about bacteria growing in the warm wipes and mold and I've heard that they can cause UTIs in female babies. Not to mention potential fire hazard. And potentially drying out the wipes....these are all my thoughts. As you can tell I'm not interested in having one and I've never missed it. Companies try to sucker parents into buying things that they don't need.

    I'm no expert on what you are suggesting- to create your own wipe warmer- but I would caution you to be very careful about creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. It is already a concern in regular, non-heated premoistened wipes but add heat and especially water and you are basically conducting a science experiment.

    What if you kept warm water in a thermos and used a dry washcloth to moisten it on the spot? Would that solve your issue? Room temperature wipes are working fine here though.
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    I never used one but my sister (who is on her second kid) had one for her first and said that they would always end up drying out the wipes and she would spend more and more on buying wipes as a result. (Hence why I never got one).
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    Would never use. There may be instances where they can't have a warm wipe you don't want them to freak out when they can't. No issues with room temp wipes for us in the house. Even in Wisconsin winters. 
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    I have one and love it. It's the Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer; it's about $20 USD on Amazon. It seems like a good investment in what will be a long diaper-changing career :)
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    I live in Florida, so it doesn't get SUPER cold here, but I probably wouldn't bother because A- you can't always have the wipe warmer with you and I'd be afraid my baby would get used to warm wipes and freak out if I had to use a regular one, and B- I've seen a lot of reviews saying wipe warmers tend to dry out your wipes, although I'm not sure if that would be an issue with the product you're describing. I think if you feel the wipes are really cold, a bit of warm water on them is fine. I wouldn't spend money on a designated warmer. But that's me.
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    I registered for a wipe warmer for my first born and used it for the first month, but it quickly became just a wipe dispenser.  It's not a necessity.  My boys didn't seem to mind the wipes the way they are.
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    I have never used a wipe warmer. 
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    The only time I worry about cold wipes is when we are out and about and the wipes in the bag are freezing cold! Lo gets pretty upset with those. In the house it is fine. 

    I wonder if just a thermal cover for wipe packs would work? To stop them from dropping their temp when out?! Or in cold houses. Then you wouldn't get the issues that PP have mentioned. 
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    I have 3 kids and never used a wipes warmer. Seems silly.

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