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pgal check-in 1/27

@mwmiller4  How are you doing?

I have an induction date! I'm scheduled for the 9th and on the wait list for the 4th. Baby could decide to come any time of course, but it's nice to have a definite end-point. :smile: 

I tested positive for group B strep. I know it's not a big deal, but on top of the GD and anemia and all the other normal late pregnancy fun it's starting to feel like a lot. But it's all worth it to keep him happy and healthy. Baby continues to look great on the nonstress tests. Yesterday's tracing was described by the OB as "beautiful." 

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Re: pgal check-in 1/27

  • @rainbowminion Congrats on good baby diagnosis! And wow- getting closer to that date! You'll do great.

    I am loving all the babies popping up on the thread. I can't believe it will be me/us so soon! So fun seeing these little miracles and picturing that inside my tummy right now.

    Hope everyone is feeling healthy and positive!
  • @rainbowminion as I read that you have Group B strep I thought, "aw man! Not something else--she's had so much already" before I read the part where you said it felt like a lot. It seems like one thing after another for you and I'm very sorry. I'm glad you have a date set and can't wait to see pictures!! I'm also loving all the baby pictures and stories like @seckenrode

    I'm ok. I'm pretty numb right now--I'm due 2/10 and I'm really hoping she's late so I have some more time to get excited and focused on her again. It's hard to concentrate on much of anything right now, but slowly getting better. My DH has been amazing and so good about taking care of things/making sure I have what I need. I went back to work Monday, took Tuesday off to go to the doctor (everything looks great so far!) and see my mom and was back again today. My coworkers were surprised I came back to work at all, but it helps to be around the kids (I teach math to K-2 students and I love them and teaching).

    I hope that everyone is comfortable enough to enjoy the home stretch and that the anxiety is manageable--I can't wait to hear about your babies!
  • Soooo...I just got a call that due to health issues my OB is not returning to work. I have 1 OB appointment left and then my induction. Firstly, I'm worried about my OB and hope she will be ok. We've been through a lot together. But ack! It'll be fine, I'm sure. There's no reason any moderately competent OB can't deliver this baby, but man. This is not helpful for my anxiety level. 

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  • Seems like all you ladies are due very soon! I am not due until the 20th of February, had my midwife appointment and the baby's head is engaged 3/5, super exciting :smile: seeing all these babies just makes me want mine!
  • Ah! @rainbowminion that's so stressful! I hope your OB is ok and I hope you really like the substitute. While I'm sure everything will go beautifully for you, it would make me soooo nervous!
  • @rainbowminion just another thing! My goodness. I am so sorry, but your positivity is incredible. With everything, I am sure the set date is now such a wonderful light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck girl. Continuing to think of you.

    @mwmiller4 I am glad to hear that hubby is taking care of you. Although you really wanted to go to back to work, which I totally understand, I can imagine it was still hard. But I am sure those little ones were happy to have you there too. That is one thing I worry about with maternity leave, missing my kiddos. I have had some of my students for 2-3 years and I love working with them. Still thinking of you and your family.

    I also agree with @seckenrode it makes my heart skip a beat seeing all the babies! It makes me so excited.

    @maddyclarkin1 I am due February 23rd so I feel you girl :)

    We had our ultrasound that the dr ordered on Monday to see how baby girl is doing. The dr said she was looking to be about 5 and a half pounds, she was 54th percentile, and the fluid looks good. He was still confused with my belly still measuring small, but said the ultrasound tells him he's wrong and all is well. This all...kind of put me at ease lol. Baby girl is head down and her back is up so I am excited she is in position. I am just ready for my shower to happen so I can organize and get some things done around here!

  • I'm glad to hear all of you ladies and your babies are doing well. @rainbowminion - I'm sorry about your OB! You don't need that added stress. @maddyclarkin1 - my EDD is 2/27 so I feel like I'm going to be the last one in this group to have my baby! 

    My little girl is super active and I'm doing some last minute things to get ready. I am so excited, but a bit of sadness has started to creep in lately and I've been very emotional. I'm not sure why, but am trying to recognize it and do what I can to stay positive. It may be the upcoming 1 year anniversary of my miscarriage. I'm certainly not looking forward to that. Thanks @rainbowminion as usual for initiating this!
  • @rainbowminion so sorry about all your issues- hoping you have a smooth labor+delivery!!!

    No GD for me and I just got the results today  that I'm negative for strep B. I have been feeling super anxious the last week (pounding heartbeat but my BP is fine) and I've had a sore throat since July that would come and go (I have thrown up almost everyday at least once a day since about week 7) and I realize now I think half the time it's from pregnancy but the other half its because by throat is so sore-gonna have the nurse look at it if she can at my appt next week. (Yikes sorry for the long post)!!!

    i wanted to say I just found out my OB had to take a medical retirement due to health (I knew it was coming as he hasn't seen me in about 12 weeks) but it's crazy to think that at my next three appts I'll have whatever OB is available  and same for delivery and not my own doc. My husband and I have now met the other 3 OBs that work for that clinic which is nice that we will at least be familiar with whoever Delivers me. I hope you get to meet the other OBs in advance as well!

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of ya!!
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