No Supply!!

My LO is 5 months old. Within the last month, my supply has dwindled to nothing. I pump 4 times a day at work and get about 1oz TOTAL. I nurse at home but he gets frustrated and I can tell he's not getting anything. He is completely on formula at this point. I am just continuing to pump and breastfeed in hopes that I will find a miracle to get my supply back. Has anyone ever had success coming back from drying up? Any suggestions?

Re: No Supply!!

  • Can you contact a lactation consultant?
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  • cleanned49cleanned49 member
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    I have contacted a LC and went to a breastfeeding support group but haven't been given any advice that I haven't tried. I guess I am just looking for someone who has had success coming back from such a low supply. Just need some hope...
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  • The problem is you might need to have dinner evacuate how lo is eating. You also might need a prescription for a hospital grade pump. Maybe an in person appt?
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  • barrelocarolbarrelocarol member
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    Have you tried power pumping? I know you've probably tried everything. 

    Power pumping, eating WAY more, drinking 1 more liter than usual, fenugreek (with blessed thistle so you don't feel icky) and continuing to pump. 

    Try doing these things altogether for up to 2 weeks. 

    If if you wanna keep bfing, you've got this! Regardless, keep doing what you're're doing the right thing. 
  • Are you under a lot of stress? That made my supply dwindle until almost nothing for several days.
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