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Probiotic Drops

Hi everyone! Anyone using probiotic drops? I know Gerber & Mommy's Bliss makes them, not sure of any other brands. Just curious if any of you are, how you think they've worked? I know they're very beneficial to us even as adults-- just curious to see how many mamas and their babies are doing with them. :)

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  • I have the Mommy's Bliss ones and I used them for about 4-5 days.  I didn't see too much of a difference, as my son had horrific gas pains for a solid week that we ended up having to put him on Nutramigen by Enfamil.  I've heard they do work pretty well from mom's who have used them.  The formula he was on when I was giving the drops  to him, seemed to always trump whatever remedy I was trying to use.  It was binding him up so bad and causing him so much discomfort. 

    I held onto them because they were $20 and may try them again in the future, if I find he has some issues. 
  • I didn't know these existed, but I'm definitely interested in trying them. Baby girl has some major gas/pooping issues that are causing the rest of us sleep/sanity issues... She's getting pretty close to 50/50 BM and formula. She went from pooping all day, every day to struggling to poop (read "explode") once, maybe twice a day.
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    I've used Mommy's Bliss the last few days. It does seem to help - especially at night when she's tired but is squirming with discomfort and won't sleep. My doctor today suggested the Gerber probiotic, which we're thinking of trying. I do think these two products are different. The probiotic aids in digestion and the Mommy's Bliss is ginger and fennel to calm the tummy.
    ***oops. I just realized that the Mommy's Bliss I wrote about is the "gripe water" not the probiotic. We've just started the probiotic, but the gripe water does seem to give more immediate help when DD is restless. 
  • My baby is having some gas issues which is causing her to be very fussy. She is taking BioGaia Probiotic Drops with Vitamin D recommended by pediatrician. She's been taking them for about 5 days so I'm trying to be patient as I know it's not an overnight cure. I have seen some changes in last day or so, so hoping this does the trick and don't need to worry about diet changes since she's breastfed. They are pricey though just FYI. About $30 for 10 days worth.
  • I use the gerber soothe colic drops. It seems to be working ok- I haven't been using them very long I just know it's almost $30 a bottle :-/
  • Thanks for all the feedback! I have the Mommy's Bliss one-- and definitely would love to start my daughter on them. I've heard/read nothing but great things-- she gets gassy/fussy every once in awhile.. And as I write this, is one of those times that we've been up since 4 am with an unhappy fussy baby.
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