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Baby shower no guest

Feeling very stressed about my shower this weekend. My mil and SIL volunteered to plan it. Originally when they volunteered months ago I was very excited FTM . They asked if I had any theme in mind and date so I gave them input. Three weeks before agreed upon date mil says did I find a location do I want it at hotel (like hotel room) I say no because unless it's some super fancy hotel room penthouse suite it won't be big enough and won't have seating . So then I offer to help find location since clearly they are dragging their feet. I found nice Rec center Mil says expects me to pay for. So I ask SIL if she still feels comfortable with it at her home since she offered before she says yes. We agreeded upon Saturday . Now yesterday SIL tells me shower is Sunday at 6 pm

Re: Baby shower no guest

  • Mil tells me today there are few people age still needs to invite that she never sent invitations to
  • Yikes.. If you have to foot the bill... Skipping the shower and getting all baby stuff yourself would make more sense. Maybe you can host a meet the baby party at your home after bb is born??
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  • Yes in our culture we plan a big meet the baby party afterward but still wanted nice shower
  • Well it sounds like you are not going to get the shower of your dreams, but at least you can plan the meet the baby exactly how you want it!
  • So your MIL offers to throw you a shower, then waits until 3 weeks prior to the date of the event to ask if you found a location yet? Then she expects you to pay for it? Wow! 

    I'm sorry your MIL is clueless. Better plan on the Meet the Baby party, after LO is born, to have the kind of event you want. 
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