Pregnant after a Loss

5 weeks and a tiny win

So my hcg went from 570 last Monday to 17868 this Monday.

I am one more week pregnant :) any 35 more to go. I am praying little Thor stays where he/she is.

So far I have had small spells of nausea but it is just barely there. I am so bloated and have a ton of gas (sorry tmi) my nipples are super tender and now have the bumps popping up around them. I find myself randomly poking my boobs to make sure they are still sore.

Anyone else pray to be miserable? Lol

Re: 5 weeks and a tiny win

  • I was checking every symptom 24/7!! Nausea didn't really start till 6 weeks but i was bloated and crampy immediately! It actually had me suspicious and i took a test early. Congrats! Hang in there.
  • It's like I want to be super tired and sick just to know things are going to right way. I feel so stupid.
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  • Don't feel stupid @cammlyn, that's just one of the many things pgal makes you feel! You're not alone!
  • Thanks girl!
  • I hear ya... I'm right behind you at 4 weeks 2 days today. I don't have any symptoms yet really, except I am really REALLY emotional. And hungry... which may just be normal me :smiley: So you're not alone! 
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  • @Julia70286 I am so hungry all the time. Except for when I am sleeping. But then sometimes NOTHING sounds good at all. And I have killer headaches.

    I never had anything like this with my others.
  • @cammlyn I had horrible migraines with my last pregnancy! I usually get them around AF and take excedrin, but that's obviously not allowed during pregnancy. My doctor told me the trick is to take tylenol as soon as you feel one coming on to get ahead of it. And needless to say, stay hydrated :smile: 
    Me: 31 | DH: 43
    BFP #1: 7/15/15, SB: 11/14/15
    Rainbow baby DS born 9/29/16!!
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  • I hear you girls. I'm 14 weeks and my symptoms started to lessen last week. But, they're back this week! Hello nausea and vomiting. And, thank you little girl for letting me know you're still in there doing okay!
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  • I knew I was pregnant before I took the test...   This is my third pregnancy and every single time- my nipples have a unique look to them. 
  • My DH thinks my nipples are the funniest thing right now which normally makes me cry lol. 

    Side note made it one more week :)
  • 1 more week is a win!

    I am right there with ya on the hopes of being miserable. Ha. I also keep poking my boobs to make sure they are still sore, but some moments I convince myself that they are a litttttlllle less sore and that it's a bad sign, etc. etc., which is so not helpful to me right now. Hoping the coming days and weeks fly by for you!

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  • I was wishing for "morning" sickness until it hit me all of a sudden yesterday :neutral: I know my thinking was that it would be a relief but now I just feel icky and it might sound awful but I'm thinking, what a waste if I go through this for nothing again?! I'm not usually a "grass is greener" person but guess I'm having a moment!
  • Totally praying to be miserable.  I just want something to prove to me that this pregnancy is different from my last one.
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  • I had almost no symptoms in the first trimester.  I only got sick maybe a handful of times and it was usually when I was too tired and I think baby was mad at me.  Anyway I am now 32+4wks and baby girl is healthy.  I just wanted to say I know what you are all feeling just hoping for something to convince you that you are pregnant.  You will be very grateful for little symptoms later on in pregnancy.
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