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Zika Virus and travel

So obviously I am new and we just started trying again (see Intro). But I have been debating our planned 10 day getaway (minus kids) to Mexico and Puerto Rico (at the beg of March)- both hot spots and on CDC list of Zika virus. I don't want to freak out about it, and still go but take heavy percautions while there not to get eaten by mosquitoes... but thinking if by chance we do get a quick BFP we would change our travel plans last minute. Thoughts? Have your OB's said anything about this to you, I am also going to check with mine once they are in the office again (Closed still today due to our crazy blizzard we had)

Re: Zika Virus and travel

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    I had a 5-day kid free trip planned to Puerto Rico in March as well. I just got my bfp in Dexember and decided it was too risky, so we cancelled the trip (which sucks because I can't imagine when we'll have another opportunity like this). I'm feeling good about the decision given the increasing numbers of people being infected with Zika and the rapid increase in infants being born with microcephaly. I think it's a much harder call if you're just TTC. Given that it's unclear how the transmission to the fetus occurs at this point, there could still be a risk. I wonder if you can hold off a few months to ttc, go on your trip and then see whether you have any symptoms. Or even check in with your state health dept to see if you can get tested upon your return. I tend not to be an alarmist about these kinds of things, but a child with severe brain damage is not something to mess with. good luck with your decision!
  • I asked my girlfriend who scans in a high risk office and she asked her Dr. He said because there is so much unknown about when it happens- DO NOT GO if pregnant, and use a condom if you are trying, make sure you are home and healthy before starting to try again. So we will do just that. We also have a trip planned at the end of June to St. John, if I am pregnant then we will not go if St. John is on the CDC list.... even then we will highly consider not going. Your right @Mamafesto , not worth it! You made the right decision! And congrats with your BFP!
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  • I'm on a flight to Mexico as we speak. We are TTC and hit ovulation, but I won't be DPO 11 until the trips almost over. My OB advised us to stop TTC and though she couldn't tell us it was safe, she was ok with my plan to cover myself in bug spray and hope for the best. If I'm actually KU-d, it's gonna mean a lot more testing, but I'm not letting myself freak out about it. There's been 1 case reported within 70 miles of our hotel. Our hotels sprays for mosquitos. I'm going to do everything I can not to get bitten. This was our post-MC vacation that we booked the day after my D&C to give us something to look forward to. If I knew I was KU-d, I probably would have stayed home, but I'm trying not to live like I'm pregnant til I am. Best of luck, no matter what you decide!
  • Have a great time and embrace the deet!! 
  • @chicsahm I should also add that my OB told me to buy trip insurance and if By chance I had a BFP before we left, a Drs note saying that I could not travel to Mexico should work to get our money back. I'd look at the fine print of whatever travel insurance you buy and chat with your ob about your plans to make sure they would be ok with writing such s note before you proceed with the plan. My cc actually has pretty decent travel insurance, so we were covered if we had to cancel the trip.
  • Just an update- we just switched our trip to go to Hawaii instead. We leave in 2 weeks and just didn't want to put anything on hold- the way my cycle hits I could get a positive while on the trip. Airlines will refund our cancelation fee with a Dr. Note advising they do not recommend me going to that location, as we try to get pregnant. So the airlines are actually being very accommodating!
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