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Let's go kid!!!

For my entire pregnancy, everyone (including me) thought I would deliver early. Just got back from my OB appt...and just like last week, I'm still 2cm dilated & about 50% effaced. Currently 39wk5d with our first.

Doctor didn't think I'd make it to my due date...but apparently my child has other plans.

I am so uncomfortable & really haven't had any contractions that put me on my butt. Everything hurts & I hate that I'm a whiny little b*tch right now. So anxious about not really knowing what to expect & also dying to meet our child (especially since we didn't find out the sex)!

What tricks have yall tried to get the show on the road? Spicy food does nothing but give me heartburn. DH is scared to touch me (it's actually hilarious) & it really hurts to walk around to much.

Going back to the doctor when I'll be 40wk4d to discuss induction.

Re: Let's go kid!!!

  • I'm in the same place right now...same amount along, same lack of contractions, about the same dilation and a little more effaced but nothing happening to get this labor started, and it's a pain in the butt! I was reading an article the other day about how all natural induction things are basically b.s. and anybody who says it worked for them was going to go into labor anyway, so I've decided to just relax and save my strength for labor instead of walking around too much and giving myself horrible heartburn from spicy food. I'm going to see if at my 40w appt on Friday my OB will let me schedule an induction for like...8 days later just in case so that I have a clear end date in my head, since I think it's the not knowing that is driving me nuts. 

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  • My babies were born 1 week late, 2 weeks late and 5 days late. I tried pretty much all of those silly old wives tales (except castor oil) with no luck. This time I read something about balsamic vinegar inducing labor, I had never heard that one before and love balsamic vinegar. So I has a salad with balsamic vinegar for dinner and my water broke at 3 AM....but I had been having contractions 5 minutes apart for 3 days straight, so it probably had nothing to do with the vinegar!

    The good news is your baby will be here soon! But the waiting is hard and the unknown is scary!
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  • I also didn't think I'd make it to my due date but here I am at 40+2 and still pregnant! I've been eating pineapple but I don't think it's doing much of anything. Walking around the house and doing housework hasn't helped either but at least I'm getting some exercise - it's too cold to go walking outside unfortunately. Just want to meet my baby!
  • Squats or bouncing on a yoga ball. I heard it can help.
  • The day before my water broke I went for a 40 minute brisk walk, ate half a pineapple and a bunch of 'labour cookies',did squats and had sex with DH. Couldn't say for sure if they were the cause or not, but it didnt hurt!
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  • Nipple stimulation worked for my 1st though I was 9 days overdue and a sweep sent me into labor with my 2nd when I was 5 days overdue. Sometimes they just need to cook a little longer. Planning on going over with this one too!
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  • I'm 41+2 and know how you feel. My doctor has scheduled my induction for exactly 42 weeks. I'm just trying to be patient. Yeah it sucks but I honestly believe if any of these things were fool proof then hospitals wouldn't need strong drugs to bring on labor. I eat spicy food normally, have had pineapple recently (just cause not trying to bring on labor) and done other things that I'm not going to mention ;). I haven't even had a real contraction. I've had two NST tests in a week and another on Thursday. Each time they say baby is perfectly healthy. I figure she needs the time so I'm not going to rush her. Hoping she decides to come before the induction date.
  • I'm 41 weeks and I've tried it all over the past couple weeks. Pineapple. Red raspberry leaf tea. Spicy food. Sex. Nipple stimulation. Walking. Honestly, I think it's all been a waste of my time, energy and money. The last "trick" on my list to try is a glass of wine, but I might have some ulterior motives there... (It was my midwife's idea!) Realistically, this girl is staying put until she's ready or I bring in the big guns to force her out!
  • I'm currently 40+6 and miserable! Baby's sitting on my sciatic nerve. I've had what most women who see me or know me call a perfect pregnancy (doesn't really seem like it to me) any way, I've gained like no weight, carried this little bugger perfectly, had no typical pregnancy issues, I'm still full of energy, fitting in all my normal clothes, my only complaint which I've been informed is not something worth complaining about lol is that my hands and feet swelled up this last week and two days ago stretch marks from hell showed up. I'm a FTM, I have absolutely no pre-labour symptoms, my last check with the midwife, they did a NST, everything is fine, booger is moving like crazy and healthy, my cervix is soft, I'm dilated they said a small 1 cm...they swept my membranes and still nothing, I walk like crazy almost 2 miles every day! lots of activity in the bedroom, spicy food, all the herbal natural remedies (my sister-in-law is an herbalist and her and my midwife get along GREAT) we planned his due date the 20th, started trying to induce labor naturally at 37 weeks with full permission from the midwife and that clearly has gotten me no where, any way hubby's starting a new job, we planned for him to start a week after I got home from the hospital (my in-laws and family are amazing and plan to be here all the time anyway to help). I feel like I'm ranting but I'm the youngester in my family and no one really remembers how they felt before labor. I guess a lot of it is in my head all worried my body isn't doing something right, clearly I can't have had this "perfect" of a pregnancy and not have issues with the birth right? On a side note, I'm still starving ALL the time and feel like I can never eat enough, I had to start actually counting calories to make sure I wasn't eating 5,000 calories a day! Please someone else be having this issue so I don't feel so alone lol   
  • I have to give so much credit out to other moms & my mom especially. Growing a human is HARD!

    DH & I ate Thai food for dinner last night. I did t think it was spicy enough, but I guess it was since my DH was sweating up a storm & he loved spicy food. Poor boy was up all night with heartburn & me? Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

    Feeling menstrual cramps and pulled muscle feelings but that's it. Been like this for weeks. Nothing working.

    Currently eating a huge bowl of pineapple & plotting my next move.

    Due date is tomorrow & I'd love for my LO to make their arrival, especially since it's also my 30th birthday.

    Glad I'm not the only one feeling miserable. Yall are further than me....my inspiration!
  • 40+3 here...I've done it all, and clearly nothing yet. I've had two membrane sweeps as well. Last night I had 6 hours of steady contractions that totally fizzled out into nothing. Very frustrating!! I have a second nts tomorrow, everything looked good on Monday at my first one. At this point I'm just looking forward to my induction date on Monday. Being pregnant still is making me insane.
  • I had pineapple and later that night a hot bath about 1 hour later my waters broke. The thing that did it is a hot bath for me
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