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Frequency of Appointments - wtf

I had an appointment today with my Perinatal Specialist who I see because I have HyperThyroid and Graves Disease (associated with HyperThyroid). My appointments up until now have been pretty much in line with the standard OB schedule. Oh, I am also seeing my standard OB. 

So after my appointment today at the specialist, the NP tells me that after this appointment she wants me back in 2 weeks and after that appointment I will have weekly appointments. Umm.....it'll just be February. I don't understand why. I was too taken aback to really ask why as baby is normal at EVERY appointment. There has not been one appointment that caused any concern. 

This does not even include my OB schedule which I'm sure ramps up soon since I'll be 31 weeks at my next OB appointment. I'm sure at that time, I'll start every two weeks.

I try to schedule all of my appointments first thing in the morning because I have to go to work afterwards and make up the time that I missed so that I don't have to use my PTO time. How can people actually go to doctor's appointments multiple times a week?? Can't I tell them no? I mean, obviously I'm no doctor but if there has been no concern for baby's health (other than my thyroid levels), why do I need weekly u/s?

This, on top of the fact that I've gained 10 lbs since my appointment 4 weeks ago has me on the verge of tears.


Re: Frequency of Appointments - wtf

  • Yep, it sucks. I've been going pretty much every 2-3 weeks since week 5 due to pre-ex diabetes. Luckily, up until this point my MFM and regular OB were in the same office, so we could be somewhat efficient about it not have to have visits to both doctors at different times.

    Starting at around 32 weeks I'll be going in twice a week for non-stress tests. One of those days will also include a biophysical profile/ultrasound. I also went through this with my other pregnancies, so I at least sort of knew going in that this would happen.

    At least in my case, at the end of pregnancy they want to monitor the baby's growth very carefully, as I'm at risk for a large baby. Also, certain chronic conditions and meds can cause the placenta to deteriorate more rapidly at the end of pregnancy, which is why the more carefully monitor the baby to ensure they and the placenta are still functioning well.
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  • I'm 28 wks and they want me to start going every 2 weeks now too, even though baby is normal every time and it's a hi-how-are-you-fine-heartbeat-check-the-end appointment. I'm going to ask too but I am also of advanced maternal age, which I still don't think means anything since everything is normal every time.

    I think it's worth it to ask! Or to ask to be accommodated for both appts on the same day? Especially since you can schedule them so far ahead of time right now anyway...
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  • Well the problem with scheduling the appointments on the same day is that I would have to take an entire day off of work rather than taking a few hours off in the morning and just staying late to make up the time so it doesn't count against my PTO time. Plus, the appointments at the specialist are NEVER quick which is why I try to get the very first appt of the day before they get too backed up. My appointment today was at 9:30am and I didn't get out of there til after 11am.

    I am ok with going every two week. I don't get why we just basically skipped over that time frame.

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    Typically, OB appointments are:

    Beginning - 28 weeks: every 4 weeks

    28 weeks - 36 weeks: every 2 weeks

    36 weeks - delivery: every week

    Even when everything looks good/ healthy/ normal it is typical for the frequency of your appointments to increase as you get further along.

    NOTE: these can and will vary depending on your health and any additional monitoring that your OB determines is warranted. 

    For example, since I had pre-e with #1, I went 3x/ week from 34 weeks to delivery (before 34 weeks I went pretty much every 2 weeks).  This history, combined with trying to keep my BP under control for this pregnancy, has meant that I have never had the 4 week spacing, I have gone in every 2 weeks so far.

    @yodiggity - is the extra monitoring possible because as you get further along the risks get higher?  (I don't know as I am not familiar with the medical concerns you have, but seems plausible.)

  • Jules08 said:

    @yodiggity - is the extra monitoring possible because as you get further along the risks get higher?  (I don't know as I am not familiar with the medical concerns you have, but seems plausible.)

    I am not sure. I will have to ask. The concern initially with the thyroid disorder was the possibility of the baby developing a goiter (swollen thyroid). So far, everything is normal. They measure her every month and check the thickness of her throat. Everything has been normal. Today she's measuring in the 21% which I guess is a little small but no reason for concern since she's not below 10%. 

    I will definitely ask at my next appointment. Like I said, I totally expected to be going every two weeks for a little while but not jumping right into weekly appointments which will actually be more frequently if you factor in the OB visits. 
  • I've seen my OB 3 times in the past 2 weeks (4 times once Friday comes around), but this is due to contractions. I am only 27 weeks.

    I have been hypothyroid throughout my pregnancy and have only had monthly blood work and see that specialist every 2 months. I was originally hyperthyroid (years ago) and the only concern my specialist has is checking my antibody levels to see the odds of the baby having thyroid issues. Baby has been looking great aside from all this. Depending on my next blood work, they will determine if baby needs to be tested for thyroid issues.
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    Yup I was told after my glucose testing (which I'll be 28 weeks) on Friday I'll be seen every 2 weeks after that. I think that's protocol.
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  • Yep normal to be seen every 2 weeks after week 28. I forget when my practice switches to weekly but I think as PP said that starts at 36.
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  • I thought every 2 weeks was standard for 3rd tri? That's what my OB does, and I'm low risk.
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  • AnnikaD20 said:
    I thought every 2 weeks was standard for 3rd tri? That's what my OB does, and I'm low risk.
    It is after week 28 but the weekly appt isn't standard until around 36 weeks.
  • I go every 2 weeks and I start every week this week (31). 

    I like to schedule appointments for Friday afternoon because everyone in the office is happy and looking forward to the weekend. 
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  • @yodiggity do you have the option of going in to work early and taking the last appointment of the day? Would that be easier than going in late and staying late?
  • If everything looks fine, you can definitely decline anything you see fit to. Maybe do every week and a half instead?
  • I'd definitely ask if you can space them out a bit. I go Thursday for a regular check up and I wasn't going to be able to schedule my glucose test until I got there. I actually called and asked if I can do the glucose test while I'm there. No sense in coming back the next week. I'm being seen this week at 26 weeks, then at 31, 35, 37, 38, 39. 
  • Goldsgirl9 said:
    @yodiggity do you have the option of going in to work early and taking the last appointment of the day? Would that be easier than going in late and staying late?
    It's not really that big a deal to stay late. I just kind of feel like the weekly visits are unnecessary already. Baby looks great at each visit. My thyroid levels are a bit on the high side still but that's nothing a u/s is going to tell them. I could see if they wanted to up my lab frequency but frankly, if baby's thyroid is going to be enlarged, they can't do anything about in in uteri. It feels excessive and maybe even money grubby but I could be wrong. 
  • I would voice your concerns about it and see what they say. I think it's perfectly reasonable to say that you feel like everything is fine and don't understand the need for all of that.
    My best friend is a few weeks behind me and has had a normal pregnancy so far- she spaces out her appts to every 5-6 weeks right now and her Dr is comfortable with that.
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