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C-Section Mama's Are My Heroes!

Since DH and I are done having babies since #2 was born on Christmas, I had my tubes tied yesterday. GOOD GOD am I sore! So I give you c section mama's a LOAD of credit to be able to function after giving birth. (Even more for STM+) I can hardly get around with just my 3 tiny incisions, I can't imagine with one big one!

You ladies rock!

Re: C-Section Mama's Are My Heroes!

  • I second this - I had a vaginal birth and very little pain after and I can barely function on my new "sleep" schedule, I cannot begin to imagine doing this whole parenting thing after surgery it with immense pain. Major respect for all of you! @Grace213 I hope you feel better soon!
  • It's all worth it in the end I've had 3 csections and the second the baby is out the pain seems like a breeze with the prize :)
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  • I didn't want a c section for the obvious reason of the longer recovery! but guess what, I had one. The recovery is blah for sure but I missed out on the skin to skin right after birth. that to me was the real bummer about the c section. she was sent to NICU for a night so I had to wait for our first skin to skin. 
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  • Vicodin. That got me through.
    I did get almost immediate skin to skin. They got her cleaned up and handed her to my husband. He pressed her face against mine. I cried. I don't remember that but t that's what hubby said. I also got to nurse her in the recoverg room. Less then an hour after her birth
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    I bounced back pretty fast after my csection. I was annoyed I had to stay in bed the day of delivery because I wanted to get up and walk around. Epi out the next day and a few pain pills while in the hospital. I only took the Motrin after discharge due to nursing pain. I don't want to discount anyone else's pain but I didn't have any difficulties bouncing back the next day. 
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