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Maternity Classes

I am 26 weeks now and the hospital we are delievering at is offering maternity classes. I think it's great and I'm planning on taking a newborn class and maternity ward tour. When should I plan on taking the classes? Beginning of third trimester or closer to DD? 

Re: Maternity Classes

  • Might as well take them as soon as you can in case you feel crappy later. I personally think the newborn care class is a waste but maybe you won't think that.
  • I did my hospital tour at 34 weeks but that's what just fit in my schedule surrounding the holidays. I would take them when you can. I didn't take any classes, I watched videos and read everything on BabyCenter so I don't think it works
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  • I would take them as soon as you can. I'm signed up for those same classes and had to do evening classes so my husband could attend too. I'm 34 weeks now and so exhausted in the evenings that I really don't want to go and count the minutes until I can go home and go to bed. I'm not absorbing nearly as much information as I want.
  • My hospital had a specific time that they recommended taking them. I am due at the end of Feb. and I took them during the month of January. When I signed up I was irritated that it felt "too close" to the due date, but now that I've done them I think it was perfect. We were surprised that there were people in our class though who were due before the classes were over. That seemed a bit pointless to me.
  • I would say earlier is better. I started my classes at about 32 weeks, and ended up taking my last class at 39 weeks because I had to make up one. It was cutting it close, but ended up being fine because I went to 41 weeks. I would plan to have your last class around 36 or 37 weeks.
  • I am 31 weeks and we took a childbirth class with maternity tour last week. The class was 8 hours and by the end I was exhausted and honestly not really able to focus. I would take the classes the earlier the better!!
  • i would do it sooner rather than later. but really, you can do it whenever you want. 3rd Tri gets really uncomfortable tho, so keep that in mind. you might not wanna be sitting in a classroom or walking around the hospital while feeling like a beached whale :/
  • My hospital recommended the timing and they recommended that the series end about 3-4 weeks before due date so you 'wouldn't forget everything you learned.'
  • I took a babycare basics and a prepared childbirth class when I was at 35 weeks and was one of the ones that was further along. In my childbirth class there was only one girl due before me by about a week. I didn't want to take the classes too early because I have the worst pregnancy brain and I knew I would forget a lot of the material
  • I agree with the other posters - better to do it earlier. I just completed a childbirth class and found it helpful to do it early so DH and I could start thinking about and discussing a birth plan and how to best prepare. And like others mentioned, you never know if you will go in to labor early so it's better to do it while you can.
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