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Newborn flats/fitted recs?

I'm cd a newborn for the first time (due May), and found a great deal on 18 gently used nb pockets. I also bought 2 thirsties size 1 covers and would love recommendations for flats or fitteds to use with the covers.
Would a dozen flats/fitted with 2 covers be enough in addition to the 18 pockets?
Thanks for your help! :)

Re: Newborn flats/fitted recs?

  • We use prefolds and covers, and typically a cover lasts us half a day, sometimes a full day. We wipe the cover between changes and change it out if it gets poop on it. If you're doing laundry every 2-3 days, that should work pretty well, as newborns need about 10 changes per day. We use size XS thirsties covers (not sure how be size compares with size 1) which fit her when we started on day 5, (she was about 7.5 lbs) and she still fits them with some room at 10.75 lbs.
  • The newborn Green Mountain Diaper fitteds work well. I think a dozen plus your 18 is enough diapers, but I will say that my daughter averages 14 changes a day. I wash diapers daily when she's using exclusively cloth, sometimes twice a day.
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