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Son bit at daycare

My 19-month old son was bit on the cheek yesterday by another boy his age at daycare. The bite did not break the skin much/there was no blood. When I run my finger down his cheek, it feels like he has a scratch on his face. I put Bacitracin on the mark last night and this morning, and it looks like the small cut is already starting to scab over. The mark is still very red, though. His daycare provider said she is reporting the incident to the state/that the boy may be kicked out.

Two questions:

1) I am worried about the small mark on his face leaving a scar. What are the chances? Like I said, it is nothing deep. Is there anything else I should consider putting on it to make sure no scarring happens? I've emailed the doctor's office as well.
2) Should I follow up with the state to make sure the incident was reported? How far should I take this? I know these things happen. I was very calm when she told me, and I made sure to ask whether or not my son did anything to provoke this, like snatching a toy. Apparently, the other boy snatched from my son, the teacher gave it back to my son, and when she turned her back, that's when it happened. I don't know if the owner will follow through with the kicking out (like I said, I know these things unfortunately happen, and thank goodness it wasn't a worse outcome for my son), but I want to make sure this doesn't happen again. What would you do?

Thank you.

Re: Son bit at daycare

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    Yes, it seems over the top. I don't know if she was just saying that to appease me or what. I am awaiting a nurse to call me back regarding his poor little cheek.
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    As always, @Bigboobsmcgee is spot on with her advice. The only thing I'd add is that maybe in your state any incident which ends in blood of some sort has to be reported to the state? I know in my state the center has to keep a written record, but it doesn't have to go to the state unless it is more serious than that.
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    My DD1 was bitten on the cheek at our gym child care room. From experience, most likely you will not be allowed to be involved in reporting/follow up for privacy reasons. If they said they are reporting to the state, maybe that's a repeat offense....
    As far as scarring - NO WAY! I wouldn't even worry about that. One thing to keep in mind, you have a SON. Boys get dinged up! Scars to them are like trophies. Get ready for more injuries down the road...
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