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7 wks today after a MMC at 10 wks on 12/14 and a full year if trying...

Had a scare last week with a faulty HPT. I was taking a HPT on my changeover day every week to calm my anxiety and I just happened to get a faulty one (go figure!). After a healthy hcg result (76,000) and a viability u/s we got to see our little tadpole - healthy and with a heartbeat! Needless to say, I stopped taking HPTs.

Now I have another 6 weeks to go until I can hear the heartbeat again...and with it being that time period when we had our last loss doesn't help the anxiety...

Just trying to keep positive thoughts....I've been super sick so as long as the nausea sticks around I think I'll be well as miserable...but happily miserable. Hoping for our rainbow baby!

Re: Intro/Thinking positive thoughts

  • Fingers crossed for you! Congrats!
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  • Congratulations!!  Just remember symptoms and your body can do whatever it wants to do unfortunately so if you aren't nauseous one day try not to panic.  I know easier said than done, hang in there.
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