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Hi Newbie here! ** loss mentioned & Child mentioned**

Hi Ladies,

I am new to this board but not new having TTC. I have a almost 3 year old little girl who was conceived via IUI.  DH and I have been TTC for 2 years for a 2nd child. We thought our prayers were answered last March when we got a BFP unfortunately i miscarried. I  was heartbroken it was our first time getting pregnant  w/o any "help". We took a couple months off and started trying again and have been trying ever since. OB  did two rounds of clomid  with blood work and US and determined i am not responding. So i am here i am. I should also mention i was diagnosed with PCOS. ( Hello my fellow soul-cysters) I am just happy to have found a place to come and have people understand. 

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Re: Hi Newbie here! ** loss mentioned & Child mentioned**

  • Hello and welcome, I am sorry for your loss.  Are you planning to be referred to an RE, or are you going to try different meds with your OB?  Some people respond to Femara when Clomid doesn't work...

    Married for 7 years, TTC for 4 years
    dx:  Diminished Ovarian Reserve
    2 Clomid IUI's + 4 injectable IUI's= 5 BFNs and 1 mc

  • @GoldenKeys  Thank you. 
    We will eventually be going back to the RE  that helped us Conceive the first time. Our Insurance does not cover fertility treatments so we have to pay out of pocket. In the mean time i am looking to help ease/decrease some of my PCOS symptoms naturally. Its hard. I'm eating healthy and starting to take some supplements. 

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  • Welcome @Megan3086!  I'm so sorry for you lost last year.  Glad you're joining us here on this board.
    ***BFP & Child Warning***

    Me: 34, DH: 38 ~ TTC since 2014
    IUI #1-3 (Nov 2015, Feb 2016, May 2016) = BFNs
    IVF ER (July 2016) = 7 PGS normal embryos
    FET #1 (Sept 2016) = BFP! DD born 5/30/17
    FET #2 (April 2019) = BFN
    FET #3 (July 2019) = BFP! DS born 3/27/20
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