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    I don't know if any of y'all listen to the Fertility Friday Podcast, but today's episode is all about acupuncture!
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    I got the book Making Babies this week and wanted to second it as a good resource if you are interested in learning how TCM may aid fertility. I liked how it is written because it gives both the eastern and western perspective. It is not super in depth with the science, but it gives you info from both sides to show how interventions from both sides have pros and cons.
    I didn't find anything really mind blowing, but it would be useful if you are new to the concept of preparing your body for conception or looking for some info that an acupuncturist might tell you before you take the plunge into going in to a treatment.
    It also discusses a lot of male infertility issues if that is something you are looking in to.

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    A little late to the game but I had my very first acupuncture session last night. I too have a cold uterus. Was told no icy beverages or raw food. Soups and cooked veggies. I am on cycle 6 and month 7 FYI.
    I enjoyed it and really hope it works for me. I'm a strong believer in Western medicine so it's a little spiritual la la for me but I'm willing to try anything and keep my mind open. Good luck to everyone!!!
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    Has anyone gone and been told nothing is wrong? Since it seems the diagnoses (like a cold uterus) are things that I would have no idea what they mean, I'm of course a little skeptical they are just making things up so people keep going and they get money. But I haven't had a chance yet to read the science behind it, so I suppose that might change my mind.
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    @bcooke314 My acupuncturist has never diagnosed me with anything, but did explain that one session isn't a magic fix. Not sure it that counts as her trying to get money so much as setting expectations (like anything to do with changing your body, really... starting a workout program, lowering cholesterol, etc.) I don't go weekly to "cure" anything... but she treats each week of my cycle differently. (ex: I'm on CD 11 now so last visit she did belly points to help prime the ovaries for ovulation. After I ovulate, points will be different to encourage implantation and balanced hormones.) It's probably not for everyone, but I can tell you I was COMPLETELY skeptical and a little bit desperate going into my first appointment and I have noticed a real difference — reduced anxiety and generally feeling more balanced. This is also the only month I've not had a massive cystic acne breakout on CD 10, so I do genuinely believe she was able to help get my hormones in check.
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    @bcooke314 there are plenty of resources out there to double check that their diagnosis makes sense. I don't think they would hesitate to tell you that you have no issues, if that is what they believed. If they offer you herbs without a diagnosis, I would be suspicious and do some research before buying and taking anything, just like you might with a western Doctor. 
    That being said, they can still give you acupuncture without a diagnosis to do things like move blood stagnation during your period, stimulate ovulation, increase circulation to your reproductive organs, treat you for anxiety or depression as PP have mentioned, aid digestion, and do points to overall support your cycle. 
    I recommend Making Babies and Infertility Cure as good reads prior to starting, especially if you are worried about being incorrectly or unnecessarily diagnosed and treated. I have read them and I have seen two acupuncturists and each result matched up and agreed with what the books said. If you already have an idea of your constitution (there is a great quiz in infertility cure) you will have an idea of what they might prescribe because the book gives recommendations and therefore you might be more confident when the doc ends up with the same, or similar, conclusion. 
    It is not a miracle cure, but it might change your perspective on something that makes a huge difference in the long run.
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    This thread is so useful.  I have my first fertility acupuncture session booked for Thursday next week. Really looking forward to it now.

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    @bcooke314 My acupuncturist didn't diagnose me with anything either. I wasn't expecting her to. On my first visit, she had my fill out a lengthy questionnaire, then we discussed my concerns (which were mostly stress, anxiety and miscarriage related). She told me she'd focus mostly on the stress/anxiety and everything else would fall into place. And knock on wood, it seems it has!

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