Toddler skin allergy

Hi I'm new here, my daughter was recently diagnosed with Molluscum contagiosum.
On top of this she is starting to show signs of other allergies.
If we don't use baby shampoo and wash she breaks out, if we use any type of tide she breaks out, and now that she's been diagnosed with Molluscum Contagiosum I be figured she is allergic to the adhesive in the non latex bandaids we tried, she started getting even more itch and hives.
She is 3 and the skin allergies drive her absolutely bonkers.

I'm pretty much wondering how parents of toddlers with sensitive skin are doing things? I've never dealt with skin allergies before and she's very fussy about it as I imagine any toddlers would be. She still scratches even if we use hydrocortisone, so I don't know what to do besides take her to the doctor again today.

Her dad has sensitive skin, but as an adult his break outs are mild, and rare because he knows what to avoid.
I would ask his mom how she handled it, but I'm not going there, our relationship is a worthy of an entirely different post.


Re: Toddler skin allergy

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