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Great Read!!

I have tried to look up books to read on adoption to help educate myself and just to find comfort in hearing other's stories about this amazing journey! Our adoption agency also gave us a list. I found a lot of the books very clinical and until we get further into the process, not quite what I was looking for. My best friend put me in touch with her cousin who has adopted a beautiful little girl recently and she has been an amazing line of support for me, I actually adore her!! I had asked her if she could suggest any good books that she found helpful. The next week I got a little package in the mail, it was the amazing book Instant Mom by Nia Vardalos with a sweet encouraging message in the front from my new friend! I am fighting tearing up now just writing about it! It didn't matter how good the book was at this point, this just meant the world to me! But bonus, the book was awesome!! I couldn't put it down! It is a little tattered and torn now because I would truck it around everywhere with me just trying to get a few pages in whenever I got the chance. Nia Vardalos, the author, is the writer and actress in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and it is about their journey of adopting their little girl. Her wicked sense of humour, and adorable awkwardness allows you to dive right in and feel like you can really relate. It doesn't leave out the struggles that they endured, but encouragingly describes the absolute joy they went through as well. I highly recommend this read! Please comment below if you have any other great book suggestions!

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  • I read that. It was decent.

    "The Connected Child" is invaluable. As are the videos on the web site. This is what you'll REALLY be in for in the worst case scenario. That's how I plan. :)
  • Thanks I will check it out!
  • Found the book but what is the website?
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    I've also been recommended Bruce perry. Haven't read his books yet.
  • I had seen that one on Amazon as well. I love that you can get samples of these books before purchasing. I am reading Adopting through Foster Care right now. 
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