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Levels and stress

So the last time I was pregnant I ended up having a miscarriage, I'm pregnant again and immediately called my doctor and was brought in for blood work and my HCG levels were at 2500 and my progesterone was at 10. They put me on a progesterone pill that I have to insert vaginally twice a day in hopes to increase my levels but I'm extremely nervous, I'm going in on Tuesday for an early ultrasound and trying to stay calm but I'm worried I'm gonna have a miscarriage.. Any advice?

Re: Levels and stress

  • First off Congratulations !! I'm sorry for your previous loss <3 the only advice I can offer to just to try and relax and think positive thoughts . There's nothing you can do to change anything so don't be too hard on yourself. I'll be praying for you <3
  • I'm trying really hard to think positive but I'm so nervous. I'm 6 weeks now and just going week by week. Thank you lots ❤️
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  • It's so hard, especially in those early weeks. It's like time stands still. Just like the pp said, there's nothing you can do to change the outcome. What will be will be. I know that's not helpful. I hope you have a good ultrasound on Tuesday!
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  • The. Longest. Days. Ever! Keep your head up. The only thing that helped me at all was just talking to my DH and sis about how terrified I was. They helped me realize that I had zero control over the outcome.
  • I just hate having no control over this little peanut inside of me! I just pray everything turns out well.
  • I think it is such a blessing that you knew about the progesterone levels. That could have been part of my MCs but nobody ever tested me. Enjoy these times as much as you day at at time is what we have. Stay positive.
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  • Thank you. Update! Little peanut has a heartbeat! 111 bpm! <3
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