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Madison OB Recommendations-UW Health or GHC

Hello! Does anyone have any obgyn recommendations in the Madison area that belong to UW Health or GHC? Thanks!!

Re: Madison OB Recommendations-UW Health or GHC

  • I just found out Im moving to Madison and am wondering the same thing!
  • MSC physicians for women. Best group around. I left uw health for them and so glad I did 
  • I know this thread is quite old but am posting bc I noticed the question hadn’t been answered. Physicians for women is amazing (delivered my first with them) but they’re unfortunatley not covered by GHC. I’m seeing Dr. Hampton at GHC now for my 2nd and he has been absolutely amazing! One Dr I would not recommend is Dr. Bills at UW. Absolutely no bedside manner & rude, not to mention the complications that two of my friends went through after their deliveries due to his oversight. Hopefully this helps those looking in the future! 
  • I 100% agree with msc physicians for women. They are the best!! I saw them my last pregnancy and will see them again during this one 
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