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Pelvic pain

After having my LO I had tailbone and pelvic bone pain for at least 10 weeks, but it got significantly better. Now I'm 14 weeks out and sat in a hard chair for maybe 2 hrs the other day, I can barely move! I am in so much pain I can barely pick up the baby or bend over to change her

Re: Pelvic pain

  • It looks like it didn't finish my post? Has anyone else experienced this? What helped??
  • I've been having the same pain! I'm 14 pp also. It came back when it got to cold to go on our regular walks (we live in WI and highs were in the single digits and negatives :# ) but the pain went away initially when we first started walking.
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  • Ya, it seems like walking some may help with the stiffness. It's too cold here too for daily walks (Amarillo, tx). I just want to feel good and heal! I had no idea I'd be 14 weeks out and still sore, so crazy!!!
  • I thought the pelvic pain had left me too until I went back to work and started sitting at a desk all day. I have to be sure to get up every 45 min or so to walk around or else it's really painful to get up out of the chair or walk around.
  • I've noticed a little pelvic and lower back pain as well. I attributed the lower back pain to the epidural. But I thought my pelvic pain was associated with scar tissue developing after my c-section. I'll ask my doctor when I see her in a few weeks because it does hurt in a way that makes it a little difficult to walk.
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