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How Close to Due Date Before CD Investment?

I'm a FTM, and from the very beginning I decided I wanted to CD. I have watched countless YouTube videos and explored websites, and I am ready to commit. There are so many naysayers in my family that I want to make the investment before I can be swayed by their negativity; however, I'm only 18w 1d. How close should I be to my due date before making the financial jump into my stash?

Re: How Close to Due Date Before CD Investment?

  • It really depends on your budget. If you can afford to drop $500 on a diapering system then go for it. Most of the package deals that you'll find do save more $ than if you were to buy individually. If you can't buy a package deal right away I'd buy a couple here and there with each paycheck. With my first I had everything I thought I needed by  the beginning of 3rd tri and slowly built my stash with new and used.
  • Depends on the style you want. I kept an eye on sales/clearance and bought a few at a time starting about 20w. The discounts on a 'system' aren't that big, and I recommend trying them out before getting a full stash of all one brand (to know what you like and what fits baby best). I did buy a full newborn stash divided into 3 styles, but just a bare minimum OS stash, and bought the rest over time. Newborn diapers are used such a short time, that if bought used or on clearance, you can get nearly all your money back selling them.
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  • Cloth is a big investment up front, but my husband and I figured if we used them for 6 months it would be worth it (comparing cost to disposables). We're at the 6 month mark and are still going! We knew what brand we wanted and saved up to buy a bundle. I ended up getting them about 3 weeks before LO arrived. We did disposables for the first 2 weeks. Don't let the naysayers get to you! Cloth isn't that much work these days. I honestly think it would be more stressful to worry about watching sales, coupons, etc for disposables. I have a much younger sister and I remember my mom's system--mine is so much better. And we use disposables when we travel. They seem noticeably inferior to me now. Good luck!
  • Thanks, ladies. I have already figured out a system of a mix of different covers (different brands) with prefolds, and pocket diapers with a few AIOs thrown in just for variety. I know exactly what I want to get. I price it at $350 with a stash of 12 pocket/AIOs, 12 prefolds, and 5 covers to go with those prefolds. Then if the baby prefers a certain type, I can later put more money into those.  These are all one-size, and I plan to use newborn disposables for the first few weeks. I was very generously gifted $350 from my aunt for baby purchases, so I have the money to put down on the diapers now. I just was wondering when ladies started putting the money in (because there's always a terrifying chance of something happening and being stuck with diapers you can't use and money gone). Thank you all for your responses. It seems like if I can buy them now, that I should, and if the terrifying were to happen, I could get most of the money back through reselling?
  • Cloth diapers in good condition should be relatively easy to resell. Just make sure you follow the care instructions and don't go crazy with laundry softener or something--a buyer will want to know they've been properly cared for and will function.
  • It definitely depends on what type of diaper you are going with. For me, I was choosing the most expensive route as far as upfront investment, and going with AIO and Pockets (Charlie Banana, Bum Genius & a few Alva). We were lucky to get about 20 diapers as gifts! (That's actually how we chose to go with Charlie Banana - you can register for them online at Target) Otherwise, my plan was to purchase 1 multi-pack every other month or so in the last 5 months ($50-100/ month).

    The AIO and pocket systems are nice, because you order the diaper as one system (Charlie Banana "hybrids" come with the Diaper, 1 small & 1 Med-Large soakers for about $20 ea). I got about 26 diapers and that's been a great number for us (i was every third day) - although many people say 32 is the magic number.
  • I'm 14 weeks and I have started to keep my eyes peeled for deals. We are registering for cloth diapers and supplies, so we don't plan to invest a lot until after the baby shower. I say if you find a deal, there's no reason not to go for it, but I wouldn't buy any at full price until after any showers you may have. 
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  • Even though I knew I was going to use cloth diapers with my son I didn't buy my first diaper until the day we came home from the hospital.  He landed back in the hospital less than 48 hours later due to feeding issues that they didn't bother addressing before we left the first time so he was in sposies for about his first week and a half.  The diapers I ordered when we came home the first time were waiting for me when we came home the second time.

    All that to say there is no real wrong time to buy your cloth diapers stash.

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