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Best Ovulation App?

anyone use a good one they love?
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Re: Best Ovulation App?

  • I think I've tried them all, and Fertility Friend is definitely the best.  It's not super user-friendly, though, so it takes some time to get the hang of it.  It's worth it in the long run.
  • I prefer Fertility Friend. I've tried that, Ovia, and Glow but FF was the best by far in my opinion.

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  • mars724 said:
    anyone use a good one they love?

    I haven't started using one yet because I am waiting to get AF first so I can start it accurately since it's been about 70 days since AF last came. Anyway, from what I can tell by looking at different apps and based on what others have said that Fertility Friend is the best as pp have said but I know a couple people at work who swear by Kindara.
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  • I've been using Ovia, mostly because it was free and we aren't TTC just yet. I really just wanted something to help me track my cycles and get ready for when the times right. I have liked it though, you can enter just the basic info or spend a few more seconds to get really specific with symptoms. I also like that there are random facts and tips about fertility that pop up daily so I can continue to learn. Best of luck!
  • Fertility Friend is awesome!
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  • To my knowledge FF is the only one that isn't just taking a stab at when you may have ovulated. I used it, along with reading TCOYF, and got pregnant very quickly after stopping BCP.
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