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Low Dose Aspirin

Yesterday I saw my Peri OB, and since I had Pre-E with my first pregnancy and since carrying multiples he started me on a low dose aspirin everyday. This is suppose to decrease my chances of my Blood Pressure becoming high. Anyone have experience with this? Did it in fact help?
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Re: Low Dose Aspirin

  • I took it most of my twin pregnancy (stopped at 35wk). There is some great research out there about its benefits! I found lots of reassuring things with a Google search of aspirin and multiples pregnancy. :)
  • I'm on it too! I found yummy orange chewables!
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  • I'm on it as well.
    DS 9/2/13 was a BFP from an IUI!
    Triplets due 6/29/16 also from an IUI!

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  • I am on it to prevent blood clotting.
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  • I'm on it too :)
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