Wrap Carrier w/ Large breasts?

I am due in August and am slightly obsessive in making everything absolutely perfect and ready before then (I'm sure that's pretty normal.) I'm very interested in the Boba wrap loving the skin to skin as much as possible idea, my only qualm is that I'm pretty well endowed (40 DD-DDD Pre preg) with a smaller waist than most others with that size. and am wondering if I might be a choking/smothering hazard to my own little baby. I'm guessing it's not too bad of a problem since it's so popular but I just need a bit of reassurance. 
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Re: Wrap Carrier w/ Large breasts?

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    I am a 40 DD while BF, so not as large as you. I have to say that it is really uncomfortable to wear my baby. Though it could just be the crappy, cheap carrier we bought.
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    I'm a 34G but a size 6 everywhere else & used a Baby Ktan & LOVED it!! I had 4 kids in 5 years so it was important to me to have an easy wrap to put on fast while chasing a toddler and without loose fabric dangling that could get caught and possibly trip me. I found that in the Ktan. Different options to wrap and comfortable in all positions. I wore my babies a lot- around the house, walks, playing outside, in stores, etc
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    If you use a wrap like a Moby or baby kran you carry your baby high enough that you can kiss them on the head. So, they can really suffocate, it's more like being curled around a rounded surface. I am a 36 DDD and find wraps work well.

    However I hated using the baby balboa sling and baby Bjorn. No boob room. 

    ETA I also love my mei tai
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    I second the K'Tan. I have no idea how big I got when I was first PP, but when I was done nursing I was only down to a 38F. The K'Tan is great because it is only 2 big loops, so pretty easy to maneuver.

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