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Has anyone used the BC mirena? I have been looking into it and want to ask my dr about it next time I go in. it's impossible for me to remember to take a pill the same time everyday and I honestly don't want another kiddo anytime soon. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this or recommends another type of BC?

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  • I love my mirena. I had 2 before the baby, and now I'm on my third. I don't have periods at all, and I don't feel hormonal and emotional like I did with the pill.
  • I unfortunately had a bad experience after I had our first. A couple months after having it put in, an infection occurred causing horrible pain and discomfort. When I went in for them to check it they couldn't find the string. I ended up going to the er because of the pain and a couple days later my OB took it out. This is just one bad story. I'm sure it's great and I was really looking forward to all the benefits it has. Good luck!
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  • I am also interested in Mirena. I am also looking at the Nexplanon implant. I am still BFing so I need to ask my doctor about which one is more safe. I also can't remember to take the pill everyday at the same time (especially on the weekends) and I am really bad at picking up my new prescription,  even though the pharmacy is down the street and they have a drive through. 
  • I have the implanon. I was looking into Mirena but went with the implant in my arm instead. They attempted to put the IUD in and I was in so much pain the doctor refused to move forward. I had an emergency c section and she said I was way too sensitive down there for it so I did the alternative. I was pumping when I got it and after having it it seems like my milk supply reduced a lot. I don't know if it was the actual implant because the doctor told me it shouldn't have done anything to my supply. I like the implant though. The only thing I'm worried about is having it taken out which will be soon to try for another little one. 
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