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Can it be April already?

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So I've been having horrible hip, back, and leg pain - thank you sciatica. I wake up every two hours due to pain and eventually have to sleep sitting down. I've tried acupuncture, heat, stretching, and meds - nothing helps! So I call my nurse today and she replies back with that the doc wants me to come in soon and go on bed rest. Yay more bed rest for me - I spent all first tri on bed rest. Hopefully i can still work. I love my baby but I cant say that pregnancy is my favorite thing. I just want him to be healthy.

Re: Can it be April already?

  • Sorry I guess I cant spell today and idk how to edit from my phone. Baby brain.

    Baby kicks are one of the few things that make me happy these days.
  • Bed rest sucks... I'm personally glad it isn't April though because I don't have 3/4 of my life prepared atm!
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  • I'm sorry :( hope you are able to find some relief soon!!!
  • I hear ya! I have such bad hip and leg pain/restlessness in my left leg, I can't lay or sit still much of the time. April is almost here, just 2 more months!! Each day that goes by is onee day closer to baby being here and one less day of having to be pregnant! ;)
  • I would love for it to be April because that would mean I could be out of work. I'm really gonna lose it soon. BUT it would also mean time to push baby through my vagina and that scares the shit out of me so I'm good to wait a little longer. lol
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  • Lol im trying not to scare myself thinking of the delivery. I already had a meltdown at work and now bed rest, ugh. I am counting the days! I am hoping the bed rest is just for rest due to the extra weight my body is not use to and no other horrible reason. I see the doctor tomorrow. My doctor said a while back that she might recommend some natural inducing activities as early as 37 wks. We havent been able to have sex due to complications but we are free to go at it at 37 wks haha - counting down! Ill be 27 wks this Sat.
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    Uggg- my little one's head keeps sitting on my sciatic too- so sorry you're in pain!  Luckily I do find relief by going to the massage therapist and saying "I know you don't know me but can you go ahead and massage the hell out of my right ass cheek".  I find the more movement I have through the day the LOOSER I feel...  the more I lay or sit the worse it is.  Something else you might try, when you do have to sit try elevating your hips above your knees (like on a pillow or blanket so there's a little lift).  That makes me feel a bit better as well.  Cat/cow yoga poses are also AWESOME (get on hands and knees- hands below shoulders and knees below hips and alternate arching your back up like a scared cat with your head and neck bent down and then arching it under like a sway-backed cow with your chin and head looking at the ceiling).  This encourages my LO to get into the "belly hammock" and away from the nerves.  Should do the same thing with any weigh pressure.   I really hope you find some relief soon because sciatica is NOT FUN.  But April is right around the corner- HANG IN THERE!   Best of luck!

  • @jkffx7 I am doing those stretches too. I give the sitting on pillow a try. Spot on about the right ass cheek  haha. I have a prenatal massage in Feb - hopefully I can still go and get some relief. The other day I got two couch pillows and laid face down with my tummy in between them. I looked funny but it felt good. I have two herniated discs from a while back so I was expecting this but no this early!
  • @jkffx7 The other day I got two couch pillows and laid face down with my tummy in between them. I looked funny but it felt good.

    YES!- I had a massage at a different place last week where they had a special bolster which allowed me on my stomach (how I slept pre-baby) instead of just side laying and I haven't been that relaxed since Week 15!  I seriously considered trying to buy it off her!! :smile: 

  • So just shy of 27 weeks and I am having contractions. Did a stress test today which showed many in just 15 mins. Im on bed rest till Monday. Ill have another stress test then and see if I can work from home or be on disability. To top it off I might have to go for a c section due to past back problems and prevent future ones.

    This baby needs to stay baking at least 10 more weeks!
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