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Extracuricular activities

Hi ladies. I haven't been here in quite some time. My twin girls just turned two December 4 and my oldest is 5 1/2. My oldest daughter is in her third year of ballet (started when she was 3). I plan to start the twins when they turn three as well but am looking into starting them in something like little gym this summer. We started my oldest in a gym class at two so I'm having a hard time making sure the littles get the same opportunity that their older sister did. But money doesn't grow on trees and daycare itself right now is outrageous. So I guess I'm just wondering if I should just wait until they're able to start ballet and skip the gym classes (they won't know right?) or should I suck up the money and let them also try a fun class? Anyone else deal with this issue when twins came after a singleton? When you really want to be fair with opportunities?

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  • There is just no way that I can give my triplets the same opportunities as my single. Single was in private school pre-K, dance, Girl Scouts and all sorts of things- with a giant super cute wardrobe. Big toys can't be given to each one because we don't have room for multiples of everything.
    My plan is to try activities that are relatively inexpensive. Dance classes will be too much. Sports are usually cheaper here, so we will probably push that, and maybe a youth group at church to be involved in.
    I would say- they won't know and by the time they are old enough to realize the elder child took gym, they probably won't care.

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  • My boys haven't done nearly the same amount of classes my singleton did. But they seem fine, and just as happy. Right now we have them both in preschool 2 mornings a week. That alone costs us $750 a month, so there's just nothing left for other activities!
    I think at very young ages there's nothing wrong with being home, going to the park and living simply. I think it can even be good for them.

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