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one year old not sttn anymore

so lo just turned one. Was sleeping great ttn.. Now wake 3am, 4am, or 5am and wont go back to sleep. I try putting him in my bed and he wont lay down there either.  If I go in and try to lay him back down in his crib he just gets more upset and cried like crazy. any suggestion please?

Re: one year old not sttn anymore

  • It's pretty normal to have sleep regressions. If you are sure he's not sick or teething then I would go in, reassure him you are there and then leave again. Check on him in intervals of 10 or 15 minutes but don't pick up and don't bring to your bed. Most likely it's a phase and it will pass.
  • This is my little one. I have no choice but to take him to my bed or couch as he shares a room with his brother. Mine is teething on and off and transitioning from two to one naps. Only thing I can do is be around, we use the play pen early in the morning if he won't sleep. good luck!
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  • My son had started doing this. If it's after4am I just let him play while I crash in his room. It's baby proofed. Thoughts:
    Is he teething?
    Isn't here a12 month growth spurt?
    Is he in that awkward phase where he still needs two naps but that means later bed time?
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  • Yes to all 3. Hes teething.. and he sometimes does 2 naps and sometimes refuses second one and is so cranky.  Problem is he screams.  I try rubbing his back and he will fall asleep and be up again 20 min later.  If I bring him in my bed he just yells off and on in there. I have 2 other kids and need to be able to function. UGH! I don't know how to make this end.  Last night it went on from 2am-6:30am
  • That it's so tough. I'm so sorry you are struggling with this!

    The only thing I can think of is to try to wear him out in the day, stopping for quiet time about an hour before bed. Maybe if you think his teeth are bothering him load him up with Motrin before bed?

    This might be a controversial suggestion, lol, but does he need milk in the middle of the night? Maybe he is going through a period of needing more calories? Some people will really hate this suggestion, since it seems like it is going backwards and they would worry about habits.

    Have you thought about letting him get up and play? I know you need sleep, too, so this might not be a reasonable suggestion.

    Has he recently started cows milk instead of formula or breast milk? Maybe he needs Mir iron?

    I'm shooting from the hip here, lol, just to see if anything hits.

    Lastly, I know you are tired! As you try to figure out what's going on, keep telling yourself "everything is temporary, everything is temporary." one day he will sleep again!! You can handle this. You got this.
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  • thank you.. Yes I just recently started transitioning him to cows milk. I was wondering if it had something to do with that.
  • What happens if you wait 5 minutes to go in his room? I don't like cry it out and will help my daughter if she seems genuinely distressed but we have learned from experience she will calm herself down within 5 minutes 99% of the time. If we go in there we are both up for a good hour.
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