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One size question

I know this is more of an individual baby type of question, but... About how big was your LO before one sizes fit? I plan on using sposies before then, and am just wondering about when to attempt using cloth.

For clarification, I'm going to be using Flips with the flip inserts, as well as rumparoos inserts. (Unless I try something better and switch in the future)

Re: One size question

  • My baby is fitting into her BumGenius 4.0s and I'd estimate she's around 8lbs. I have some flips but haven't tried them on her yet. I imagine they would fit pretty similarly to the 4.0s.
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  • DS started fitting at about 10 weeks, 12 lbs or so. It really comes down to how skinny their legs are in my experience!
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  • Both  my kids were about 12 weeks when their BG freetimes started fitting them well. I had chunkier babies too. 
    My flips fit at about 8 weeks, and my itti bitti tuttos fit immediatly, and fit unil my son was 2. 
  • I think DS was 12 weeks or so when we started using OS pockets on him. (We used disposables early on.) This time, we're building a newborn stash and starting as soon as the meconium stage is over. Totally worth it!
  • We started using them at one month, she was about 7 pounds and while we had some leaks around the legs, I don't think the disposables fit any better so it was fine.
  • We couldn't do one size until DD was about 3 months old, we mainly did prefolds and covers until she got big enough. I didn't even bother this time with DS and invested in newborn diapers and small fitteds which we are loving. 

  • He was about 10 lbs I think. Lots of leaks at first because his chicken legs. I have aio's, a few different brands. I started incorporating them slowly, and now pretty much am using them all the time with few leaks. (Except for the coolababy brand! Don't invest too much in those!)
  • I think 10 lbs is a pretty good guess. My baby *could* have fit in the Charlie Banana's as a NB (she was 8lbs 7 oz) but they were just so bulky! We got a ton of disposi's as gifts so we used those up until she was around 8 weeks and then the diapers seemed to fit her significantly better. My Alva Baby diapers were a lot larger and even at 14lbs currently, she still doesn't quite fit them yet!
  • I use flips with flip inserts. We were able to successfully use them at one month. LO is almost 8 weeks and they are only fitting better!
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