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Round ligament pain??

I feel this is a super dumb question but don't want to start googling. I am 10 w, 4 d with twins. I'm not sure if I have round ligament pain or what. My whole lower abdomen, especially my lower left side, feels like I've done a million sit-ups. Any other moms have experience with this? I've had the sharp round ligament pains so not sure if this is just my abdominal muscles (or lack there of!) stretching and moving around to accommodate for these little peanuts. We did do fertility treatments and I did have over stimulated ovaries, they've been a little tender if I put pressure towards my hips but it has gotten better. Any advice is helpful!

Re: Round ligament pain??

  • I don't have advice, but I can tell you that I also had a LOT of round ligament pain when I was pregnant. It started much earlier than I thought it would (around 9ish weeks), and lasted pretty much the whole pregnancy. I started to get used to it and less worried once I confirmed with the doctor that it was in fact just round ligament pain. I hope you feel better!

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  • Thank you!! I actually went in for an emergency appointment on Tuesday because I started leaking a brownish fluid. When they did the ultrasound they found a large cyst on my left ovary that is the source of my pain! The doctor seems to think I may have had another one on my right side and that's what the fluid was I was leaking!

    For now they are just going to monitor the size of the cyst but boy is it painful! I can't really lay on my left side or even take full breaths in. Very tender to the touch. Just hoping it doesn't cause my ovary to flip or a problem with the babies!
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