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Where did everyone go?

I was a very active member on this board for many years but have been MIA for 2 years or so.  I see that people went to a new special needs group/forum but I don't know where all my peeps went!  Anyone!?

Re: Where did everyone go?

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  • I was really hoping this page would be more active, too! I didn't really get back on here much until this current pregnancy since I had my first son, but now that he's been diagnosed ASD I was hoping to have some place to talk to other parents about it! 
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  • I wish everyone hadn't left, too. I come in occasionally but there is not much activity anymore. I also have a son with ASD.

  • @greyt00 and @RissKay me too. I have 2 boys with ASD.  I miss the community. You both interested in maybe starting up brag days again or having a check in day?
  • I am interested but I have a hard time remembering to come in here. I will try!

  •  I cruise on by here every once in a while, but do not post. Sorry. It has been a rough two years for me (depression-wise) and the exodus really, really, ticked me off because it happened right when I came over to post for some emotional support. I joined the other group too but do not post there much either. The whole situation just left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Mainly though, I do not post much on message boards because I have found an awesome group of SN mommy friends locally. A lot of my SN Mommy energy and booze money is spent with them. :)

    I am currently doing some SN advocate training and part of the agreement is that you commit yourself to helping other parents, so I am hoping I can get back in the saddle again and post more often.
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