Inappropriate touching?

Hi Mamas,
I need some advice:
At a gathering this weekend with a family that I've known for nearly 15 years the fiance of my friend "Samantha", whom I've only met twice, put his finger down the back of my daughter's diaper (she's 14 months old) twice.  The first time I didn't like it but brushed it off because he was slowing her down where she was running past him... he put his index finger down her diaper and held her back til she paid attention to him.  I sort of thought, well it's a cloth diaper, perhaps he didn't realize it was diaper because it had bright polka dots it.  Even though she had jeans on over it.
The second time he was tickling her back where her shirt had ridden up and then slid his index finger all the way into her diaper and wriggled it for a quick second, between her little cheeks.  It was super fast as he and Samantha were on their way out the door, so they were gone before I was able to get my head wrapped around what he'd done.  It was deliberate though: he had to twist his wrist slightly to get his finger down there.
So my questions are this:
A- I can't think of a situation where this is appropriate, but is it INappropriate enough to warrant concern?
and B- if it is that inappropriate, should I say something to a member of this family? I don't want Samantha to blindly marry a guy who could be a creep, and I don't want her brother, who's also a close friend, to unknowingly have his future kids babysat by "Uncle Steve." 
All that said, I don't want to ruin my relationship with this family. I'm not looking to say "don't marry him he's a molester!"  But I'm thinking about saying hey, this is what I saw him do, it was inappropriate, and it made me very uncomfortable. 

Re: Inappropriate touching?

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