Breastfeeding while out

Just wondering...i would imagine its pretty hard to tandem feed while out..lets say at the mall or an event. What did you do? Did you make bottles or just feed one at a time? Right now when we leave the house we just make sure we are back before two hours so they can eat but we have something coming up that is keeping us out of the house all day.

Re: Breastfeeding while out

  • I would always feed right before we left. If I had to feed them while out, I just did one at a time. If it was like a whole day outing I'd try and pump some bottles but my boys would never take bottles, so I'd end up nursing anyways.

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  • I always fed them right before we left the house . Then if they needed to feed while out I would go in our car to tandem feed them.
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  • I did the exact same thing as the mama's above. I fed everyone before we left the house. If we were out, I would do one at a time. We bought a minivan which became our mobile feeding location!

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  • We haven't been gone for more than just one feed. I give pumped refrigerated milk right before we leave and pump again. The fresh milk I bring in bottles to feed two, then I nurse the third and pump again in the car on the way home. It is quite a process.
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  • I always feed both of them before I go anywhere! If we're gone a long time, we just go out to our vehicle and I tandem feed in there. I usually bring pumped milk in a cooler if it's something like a wedding that I can't really walk out in the middle of it. Then afterwards I just do a quick pump.

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  • I was never great at nursing one baby in public. I feel like with two there will just be boobs everywhere. Sounds super tricky.
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