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almost four month head is still wobbly.

Should I be overly I concerned. My daughter is four months and she still had a a bit of wobble in her head. She holds the head up well in tummy time but when she Turns and is active the head still wobbles a bit.

Re: almost four month head is still wobbly.

  • Babies this age are still pretty top heavy. The pedi should be checking for developing motor skills. I wouldn't be concerned until the pedi is concerned. I would just keep up with tummy time.
  • I'd bring it up with the Pedi.
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  • My pedi checked this at my daughter's 4 mo appt by laying her on her back and holding her hands to lift her into a seated position. She said she was looking to see if she held her head in line with her spine or it drooped as she lifted her. Perhaps you can try this at home as a check.
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    This is one of the excercizes I do with her in addiditon to tummy time, which she hates btw. Her head doesn't lag at all she actually holds it in line with her back as far as I can see. She holds her head up well, it just wobbles when she turns. I said she is four months but she'll actually be four months next week.
  • Mine does too and she can't push up onto her arms yet for tummy time she just uses her back and chest and legs and holds up her head for a little. Ped wasn't concerned but she was also 6 weeks early. He said if it doesn't improve then we can go to occupational therapy for a few visits to get things moving along.
  • Little man was still wobbly at 4 months. It is amazing how much better he is at this point. Every so often he is still wobbly. I have early intervention in on a weekly basis and she says he is right on track and doing great for his age. In the last week he went from barely rolling from tummy to back to becoming a pro at back to tummy which is apparently harder for them. I wouldn't worry too much. 
    I watch these things closely as little man was born with low muscle tone and was floppy when he was born hence the reason we have early intervention in. 
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  • So Googling is confusing me because some sites say that babies should not have wobbly head at four months however some say by six.
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