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Conflicting opinions about Braxton Hicks

I know there are (probably multiple) Braxton Hicks threads but this is kind of specific and also a bit of a vent so hopefully nobody will mind! It's kind of a long story.

I'm 27 weeks 3 days and have been getting Braxton Hicks for quite a while now but starting Thursday morning, I started having them constantly, every few minutes. Some were quite strong. Never really "painful" but really uncomfortable. So because I was getting them so often, I called the nurse line Friday morning to see if I could anything to ease them at all. She told me to drink more water and rest then told me to time them for two hours and call back.
I am a toddler teacher, with a classroom full of two and a half year olds so resting didn't really happen. I do a lot of bending, squatting, lifting, etc. I did notice that when I was able to sit down, I went longer with out having one. After two hours, I had about 15 of them ranging anywhere from 5 minutes apart to 15 minutes depending on how active I was. So I called back two hours later and left a message. I finally heard back about two and a half hours later and it was a different nurse. I filled her in on everything and she told me that because they calmed down when I rested then they were definitely Braxton hicks and not real contractions, which I was pretty certain of already. She told me to drink more water and to lay down and use heating pads when they get intense, try a belly band, etc. So I told her about my job and told her that I can try and sit when I can, but lying down during the work week really just isn't going to happen while I'm at work. I can't just leave my co-teacher alone with ten toddlers to go lay down somewhere. I asked if there was anything negative that could come from me continuing to work the way I do, because if it's just the discomfort I could deal with it. Then she said, "Well with how many you are having, it could throw you into real labor."
I was not expecting her to say that. I went right to my director and of course, started crying when I was telling her. Another teacher overheard me and took me to go talk to her co-teacher who is a doula. She said that the nurse was wrong and that I wouldn't go into labor from
Braxton Hicks. She said that a mom to be is more likely to go into early labor is nurses telling them things like that because of how scared and stressed I immediately felt. (Not sure how much she truly meant that, but I understand the point she was trying to make.)
Of course I want to believe the doula over the nurse but it's hard to know who to listen to. I don't really want to just quit my job when I have 12 more weeks to go. I'd like to make as much extra money as I can! I'm resting this three day weekend as much as I can and then I have an appointment next week and I'll definitely talk to the doctor about it. But until then, I was just wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom/similar experiences to share with me?

Thanks so much, guys! I know I don't post much on here but I'm able to read and learn about so much from you all everyday!

Re: Conflicting opinions about Braxton Hicks

  • I started having them at 16 wks and the doc said it was too early. I was given some low dose blood pressure that works as a muscle relaxer. Maybe talk to your doc if its an option. I havent taken them in a while (as needed only). I notice I get a hard tummy when i go from sitting to laying down. The doc said its normal and not necessarly a contraction but similar hard tummy feeling.
  • I had them constantly with DS... From like 14 weeks on. They were constant and incredibly uncomfortable. My job at the time involved a ton of walking and lifting, so there was no way out of it. I had DS at a little over 39 weeks. Once I started getting actual contractions, they were very different... And the BH I had with DS were terrible. Like, doubled over terrible. I stayed at work the entire time. DS was actually born on a day I was supposed to go into work.

    Not sure if that helps or is reassuring.


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  • @fbanke42 did the doctor tell you that it could cause pre-term labor even though it didn't happen for you? That's what I'm most curious about. Whether or not the nurse was correct in saying that because the doula seemed to think it was absurd. I'm definitely asking my ob and filling her in on the conflicting answers from the professionals next week though.
  • @katynnew She said I was at a very low risk for pre-term labor--and I was working graveyard, which has been found to slightly increase the chance of pre-term labor. I think she said maybe a 10% chance? She never even blinked an eye at all of my BH.


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    I am kind of a BH expert :wink: I had them constantly last pregnancy and have also had a lot with this one so far. Towards the end of my last pregnancy, I would have one anytime I moved. Sometimes 15-20 in an hour. I brought it up with my doctor multiple times and he was never concerned. He said the # of BH really isn't important and he never eluded to them causing preterm labor. I gave birth at 39 weeks exactly.

    I am a strong believer in listening to your body. Don't let the opinion of one nurse get you worked up. If you start having a lot of weird/bloody discharge or they get gradually more intense/painful then pay attention but other than that, I wouldn't stress out over it.

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