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Intro and hello from Oregon

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Hi everyone! I was on this board back during my first pregnancy and I am back for my second. My name is Yvonne and i live just outside of Portland, Oregon. My daughter is 17 months old and her SISTER is due April 28th.

This pregnancy seems to be flying bye. Are any of you in the Portland area by chance?

Oh and I just turned 38!


Re: Intro and hello from Oregon

  • Congratulations and welcome!
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  • Congratulations :)
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  • Welcome and congrats!! :)
    *** Child & current pregnancy mentioned ***
    Me - 41 (PCOS), Hubby - 43 (healthy)
    7/2013 - Sweet baby girl born (Clomid + TI)
    3/2014 - TTC #2, return to RE 7/2014
    12/2015: IVF #1 transferred two great looking embryos - BFP!
    First ultrasound: TWO beautiful little heartbeats!!
    Harmony: negative; level 2: babies look great and are boy/girl! :) 
  • I live in Lake Oswego. My son is 22 months and my daughter is due Feb 24th. I am 40.
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  • carrieandrcarrieandr member
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    Welcome! I met a girl on the miscarriage board in April that lives in Portland. We've been emailing ever since and have gotten very close. I would LOVE for her to get pregnant and join us on this board, but her DH is having medical issues.

    I'm Carrie, 37, and pregnant with my first, due July 30th. I found out on Tuesday that she's a girl.  :)  <3
    TTC#1 since Jan 2015
    BFP 2/19/15  •  MMC found at 9 wks  •  D&E at 11 wks (age 36)
    BFP 8/29/15
      •  CP (age 37)
    BFP 11/18/15  •  DD born at 41 weeks <3(age 37/38)

    TTC#2 since May 2017
    BFP 10/18/17  •  MMC found at 8 wks  •  Misoprostal at 10.5 wks (age 39)

    BFP 2/16/18
      •  CP (age 39)
    BFP 4/13/18
      •  CP (age 39)
    BFP 5/07/18  •  MMC found at 10.5 wks  •  D&E at 11.5 wks 
    •  Testing showed it was a girl with Trisomy 22. (age 39/40)
    9/5/18 Diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve (4-5 follicles, one ovary had none and was very atrophied)

    RE says the low egg count is likely causing my recurrent pregnancy loss. Less eggs results in more aneuploidy.

    BFP 9/24/18  • 
    CP (age 40)
    BFP 5/11/19  •  Fraternal twins  •  MMC found at 10w5d (Baby A 6w, Baby B 10w)  •  Misoprostal at 11 weeks (age 41)

  • I wish I lived in Portland! My mom grew up there and now all of my family lives in Portland, Eugene, or CA. I'm the lone wolf out here in the Midwest for work. Alas.

    I'm 41 and pregnant with my second, due 9/12 based on LMP. Anxiously awaiting my first appointment and dating scan on 2/1. My son is 21 mo.
  • Hi and welcome! I love Portland but I live on the other side of the continent (Boston). I'm 38 too, expecting my first (a boy) in June.
    Me: 40  DH: 43
    Married 5/30/15
    TTC #1 June 2015
    BFP #1 9/28/15, EDD 6/10/16. DS born 5/23/16!
    TTC #2 May 2017
    BFP #2 m/c 11/18/17 5w5d
    BFP #3 12/17/17 EDD 8/25/18. It's a boy!
  • Welcome and congrats! I'm in New Jersey. Pregnant with my second and my son is 3 1/2. I'm due in September!

    Tried for DS for 1 year; one dose clomid Nov 2011 = DS born on 8/10/12
    BFP 6/30/15  MMC 7wks 5 days  D/E 8/9/15
    BFP 1/8/16 EDD 9/9/16
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  • mthoomommthoomom member
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    I live in Gresham. I have a little one due in march, and two teens. I'm 38. 
  • Welcome!! I'm 39, have an 18 month old and due in June:) great group of ladies here!
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  • Yes! Everyone here seems very nice. And Civil. 
  • Welcome!  Congrats on baby girl #2!
  • Thanks ladies! Glad to be here. :)
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    Me: 37 DH: 38
    CP 1/25/16 4 weeks, developed Graves' Disease

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