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Crying during bath time?

DS never liked the bath.  When he was 4-5 months he would cry every time we bathed them.  Then I started bathing him with his sister (to save sometime) and it seemed to work for a little bit but then he started up crying every time again.  Now I bathe him by himself and tried everything..warm water, colder water, more water, less water, toys, no toys.  I just don't know what to do anymore.  DD loved the bath from when she was born so just not sure how to handle this.  I mean, he has to grow out of it right?    
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Re: Crying during bath time?

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    My first child went through phases of hating the bath. I would just get him in and out quickly and eventually he got over it.
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    Can you give him a shower? Its not a permanent solution, but it might give you a break from the crying. :(
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    Oh man I'm there! Except mine always did well with them, splashing and playing and I'd talk to him and sung to him. He'd always freak out at the end when I was done or nearly done, hated the dry off and being cold and naked I guess. But now at 9 months all of a sudden he's screaming crying as soon as we lower him in!!? It's terrible and I have to time it so that I can nurse him asap to calm back down and go to sleep. Tried dim lighting, playing lullabies, toys, he's just not having it right now :( it's lousy!
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    My little guy started off hating the bath as a newborn. He now loves it. However, he did go through a point of time where he was crying in the bath and I thought it was just a phase. then I realized that he was crying and fussy because he was tired. I upped his bed time by 30 mins and he hasnt been crying as much since. 
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