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So I have been out of the loop. I cloth diapered my DD1 but that was 4 1/2 years old.
I'm due with #2 in July and I plan on cloth diapering again. My question is what laundry soap is best for cloth- we bought a new washer and dryer. Front loaders and they require HE soap. What do you recommend we use? Thanks


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  • If whatever you were using before has an HE version and was working well for you, I would stick with that. You may need to experiment a bit with detergent amount or the cycles on your machine, but really I don't think a lot has changed since you CD'd your first.

  • Do you have hard or soft water? If you have soft water, Charlie's Laundry powder is pretty great for all laundry including diapers. It didn't work out for me due to hard water. We switched to Tide powder and haven't had an issue since.
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  • I use Costco brand Free and Clear. It works with HE machines.

    This site is amazeballs. The most highly rated HE detergent on the list and one my FB cloth group swears by is plain, powder Tide (there is an HE version of it, just make sure to get the right one.)
  • Tide is highly recommended for cloth diapering. Arm and hammer powder also,
  • Fluff love is highly opinionated able ut detergent. Some of the old bumpies are on the facebook group Cloth Diaper Tech Support, and they do great troubleshooting if you have issues.

    I'd use an HE version of what you liked before. I use Nellies (that fluff love put on the bad list with inaccurate info on it) and have used it on diapers for 2 years (clothing for 3) without issues. Your 'best' detergent depends on your water, machine and routine.
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  • I may be doing this wrong, but I use the cheapest free and clear pod I can find and throw in some Dreft scent boosting crystals.

    I use OsoCozy prefolds and I wash on very hot water. So far so good over here.
  • I'm not sure what works BEST yet, but I do know that I'm not really liking the Bum Genius powder detergent. My diapers smell funky still (I do a pre- rinse, HOT wash w/ 2 scoops in my HE top loader, then extra rinse) and we have hard water. I've recently started adding a teeny bit of liquid seventh generation detergent (gasp!) and that seems to be helping.. but i'm not sure if it will affect my absorbancy or not yet.
  • We've tried so many different detergents over the years. Tide powder is the only one that got the job done.

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  • One thing to remember with the detergent chart FL promotes - it's based on a survey of their members.  It's just a compilation of member opinions.

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