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Preferring solids over breastmilk

Hey all,
I'm a BF mommy of a 7 month old. Ever since I introduced solids in puree form my baby is very uninterested in BFing during the day. Little background- we started solids initially with BLW (baby led weaning) but I got freaked about the choking and didn't want others to feed him that way so switched to purées. Anyway, so ever since that he's so into food and not into the milk. This causes him to wake at night hungry (and I offer the breast a lot during the day but he BITES if he's not into it). I'm a big fan of Harvey Karp and he suggests that he's filling up on the "salad bar" but it's not enough cals so he wakes at night... What's u ladies experience with this? Anyone think I should switch baby to BLW as he may actually eat less solids this way?? Just wanted some thoughts/tips!

Re: Preferring solids over breastmilk

  • Can you reduce the amount of purees you're giving?

    I was finding this with DS so I started giving him a bit less at each meal with purees. He still isn't nursing as much as before but he's doing more now than before.
  • I've noticed that with my DD and we use BLW.  She nurses a good deal in the mornings at night and wakes up 1-2 times during the night. I figure she knows what she needs as far as her belly goes. I try to just trust her.  My first DD was the opposite she'd eat a little here and there but was ALL about the nursing. If I really don't think she's been nursing enough I try to offer a nursing before our meal that way I know she's getting some.  I'm a firm believer in BLW and trusting your baby. I always figure I wouldn't want someone putting my food in my mouth when I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself. You have to do what you feel works best for you guys. Oh and your baby probably wasn't truly choking :) The gagging is a GOOD thing they are learning how  to move food around and chew safely. A baby's gag reflex is much further up in his mouth than what it is in an adults. Try not to panic and let them work thru it  themselves. 
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  • Thanks! I've read a lot about BLW but yea just got freaked. I stil give him some things to feed himself but maybe we'll get back to it full time. He's not super into BFing. He does a lot of his eating through the night and I've tried changing it but he's too active during the day! We sleep together so I guess that helps with getting more sleep. Ahhhh babyhood is so hard and so wonderful. Thanks for the encouragement on BLW :)
  • No idea as I have the opposite problem... It's always something!!
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