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I'm so lost on when to put this child to sleep at night and i think it's affecting his night wakings. As I've looked around the boards today, seems night wakings are common still at 7 months (despite what the Internet says). I'm actually ok with my boy waking at 12 and 3 for milk. He is soooo distracted during the day he barely wants to BF. But then he also will wake at around 5am. He's just up. Doesn't wanna eat. Seems to wanna play but cries so we rock back to sleep. He goes down most nights between 7:30/8 (depending on time of last nap) and wakes for the day between 7/7:30. I've been giving him medicine to see if it's teething but doesn't work. Diaper is clean. What's his deal?? Any ideas? It's been just in the last couple weeks. We co sleep...not looking to change yet or sleep train. Oh also his naps JUST recently went from 45 min cat naps to 2 1.5 hour naps and a cat nap around 5pm (over the moon about this!). Thought this would immediately improve night sleep but not so :(

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  • My LO is 8 months old. It's hit or miss on if she sleeps through the night.

    If we have a busy day running errands, being outside, and loads of play time and just one nap then she will sleep through the night.

    If we have a day when we are just being lazy at home then she typically doesnt and will wake once to eat.

    She goes to bed between 9 and 10.
    Shes down to one long nap per day, or has been lately.

    I used to do bedtime at 730 or 8, but found that she would wake around 12 and then maybe 4 or 5.

    The later bedtime seems to suit her better. She sleeps a lot better!
  • My LO is 8 months. He wakes up atleast 3-4 times every night! He does not sleep longer than 2-3 hours. He doesn't sleep through the night. Nothing works.
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  • @dilekmert Same here. So glad we're not alone. My next hope is that he will start to sleep better once he weans from breastmilk completely, which I'm planning to do in 3-4 months.
  • I know this was a while ago. My baby will be 9 months in the 10th and wakes between 2 and 5 times at night. The 2 I can handle, the 5 not so much. Especially since sometimes he wants to stay up for a while. I just want some good solid sleep. 
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    Hi, have you read babywise? It's a book that I used as a good guideline for my baby's sleep. She sleeps for a 12 hour stretch at night and takes 2 naps/day right now. I had to change the times, but it's easy to conform to your own schedule. There are also some good blogs out there that talk about it if you don't want to buy a book. 
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