Help does it get easier

I have a 4wk old . She is my 3rd but my first BF baby . My first could not latch and my second my milk never came in do to a Thyriod issue . She is nursing well but never seems satisfied after a feeding in the beginning I was going doing one side for 10 to 20 minutes now I'm doing both sides 10 to 20 minutes each side. I know newborns feed more often but I was thinking by now she would've slowed down on the feeding every one to three hours. she sleeps well at night 4 to 6 hour stretches nurses fine at night for 20 minutes and gos straight to sleep during the day's a different story . I have a 18m old and a 4 y old who need me to more then nurse.
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Re: Help does it get easier

  • My 6 week old is still nursing every 1-3hrs, she goes 1 4 hour stretch at night and 1 3 hour stretch. I just feed on demand.
  • My 6 month old still nurses every 2-3 hours. He's gotten more efficient but yeah, some days I felt like all I did was nurse, it was hard for me to even shower. The growth spurts are brutal but they're temporary. Stick it out if you can, things really turned a corner at 10 weeks. I started enjoying breastfeeding at that point but yeah, it took awhile.
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  • I demand fed my daughter and at times, she sucked the life out of me haha. Breastfed babies eat more often since they metabolize it faster than formula. It sounds like your baby is doing pretty good, especially at night. I was up every 2-3 hours for the longest time with mine at night. It does get easier, plus it helps for soothing a fussy baby, getting them to sleep and some people debate it, but I think it helps them avoid being sick. Theres plenty of times i could have quit but if you get past the first couple months, you are golden after. I nursed mine until she was a couple weeks past 2 yrs old and next month, I'll do it all over again when my lil boy comes!
  • It does get better. Absolutely the hardest time is the beginning. 4 weeks is still so young. She will likely be less demanding once she gets past her six week growth spurt. The first six weeks were constant nursing for me. It felt like he was going through a nonstop growth spurt. Please know it does end!! By three months we were settled into a nice, comfortable routine. By six months nursing sessions started getting faster. By nine months a nursing session could be finished in 5 minutes.

    You are in the thick of it. The absolute hardest time. It gets better, I promise!

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  • Hate to say it, but some days my 11 month old still wants to nurse every two hours. I wound count on your lo nursing 8 or more times a day until they are out of the "fourth trimester," maybe 3 months old.

    A great resource for what is "normal" is the kellymom blog.
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  • There are growth spurts at 4wks, 6wks, 8wks, 12wks.  Once you get past those she should spread out a little bit.   She may also cluster feed during growth spurts.  It doesn't mean she isn't satisfied.  It's nature's way of telling your body to produce more milk.  

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  • Agree with all that's been said. Keep it up if you can and want to. It will get better. Baby girl will become more efficient  and will soon have other distractions that will speed up her feeds even more...or at least that's been my experience. 
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