Noticeable drop in supply

My daughter recently turned 9 months old and since I've noticed the amount of pumped milk has decreased. I pump 3 times at work and had been pumping once right before bed. My first session was always good, 5-6 oz. Each session after decreases. I wanted to cut out the last session because I was exhausted and not getting very much. Then while she's at school she'll have to BM bottles and 2 formula bottles in addition to her yogurt and lunch. Could cutting out that last session be affecting my supply? I'm now getting 3-4 oz. if I'm lucky and it only gets worse from there. This has been going on for over 2 weeks now. At first I thought my supply dip was due to getting my period but could that still be the cause? I'm trying to drink a ton of water. I have tried the Mothers Milk tea months ago but never noticed a change. Any advice is appreciate

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    I recently saw a doctor who specializes in breastfeeding about my low supply. She told me to pump as often as I can (not to go more than 4-5 hours without pumping), take 3 capsules of fenugreek 3 times daily, to do skin to skin contact as often as we can, and she also suggested getting the Spectra pump. She said every mother she's spoken to that has tried the Spectra has told her they get more milk with it than their other pump.

    Edited to say that she first suggested the Medela Symphony but my insurance didn't cover it and she then suggested the Spectra.
  • It's possible that dropping that session affected your supply. Getting your period again will definitely have an effect on your supply as well. Neither of these things is going to keep making your supply keep dropping. Keep on your same pumping/nursing routine. If you can, add in extra pumping sessions (I know how hard this is but I started using my commute and before bed as 'extra' pumping sessions). It will really help. The more you pump/nurse, the more your body think it needs to produce. Good luck!

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