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Do you HAVE to switch up to the next size pacifier?

lauraf314lauraf314 member
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I'm so sorry if this has already been discussed (I swear I searched).... but, do you HAVE to switch up to the next size pacifier?
We are currently using the Avent free flow, but I guess the question applies for any brand.
My daughter is 6 months (I can't believe it) and she won't take the 6-18mo size. Comparing the two it looks as though the 6-18mo is significantly larger than the 0-6mo, and she isn't down with it I guess.
Is there any harm in still using the smaller pacifier? Will the "thinner/smaller" pacifier be less safe when she finally gets teeth in?

She is a horrendous sleeper and is awful at self soothing, so having a useful pacifier is pretty crucial.

Thanks ladies...

Re: Do you HAVE to switch up to the next size pacifier?

  • Yes you really should move up. There's risk of them biting the end off (of a well worn paci ) with ANY size you use. So if you absolutely can't get her to take the big paci then buy some new smaller ones so your risk of choking is less.
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  • I had the same question a few weeks ago... my sister has a 2 year old son, and i was talking about how my LO will only take the "soft" soothies/0-3 months right now... she said her 2 year old was the same way, but as he got older he he started to prefer the 3+ months and would spit out the 0-3 months because they were too soft.  So as your baby ages, they will start to like the ones targeted for older ages.
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  • Wow you read my mind!! I was looking at my LO gnawing/teething on his pacifier and though I should probably upgrade it.
  • henrytviiihenrytviii member
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    We sized him up as a way to get him to quit :smiley: He didn't like the big ones but that was all we gave him until he decided it was worth it. Maybe it was mean but I was scared about what would happen if we didn't. We totally had a Maggie Simpson on our hands!

    "Wasn't" worth it. Can't edit.
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  • I size up because I can see the next sizes up are noticeably bigger, and my LO really works his paci's. There is always a brief time of 'what is this? This isn't what I'm used to' but he usually adjusts. I'm afraid with the smaller sizes he'll work them so hard they break or tear.
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  • ^^^ exactly. Dangerous.
  • devyns2nddevyns2nd member
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    Only taking the newborn paci here. He has an extra bone in his mouth (under his tounge, its not hollow like it should be) and the bigger ones don't seem
  • So glad you brought this up. I have looked at the next size numerous times and kept passing on them. But as with all your LOs, mine goes crazy chomping on his. Hearing all this I'm going to get him some new ones this weekend
  • Let's also not forget that technically we're supposed to replace them every month. Due to wear and tear, presumably. I admit to NOT doing this, but I have 8 of his paci's and I rotate them all the time, so its quite a while before a single paci sees 30 days of use.
    Also safety PSA - remember to visually inspect your paci's and pull on them to make sure they are in good shape. I do this every morning and night (we have a daytime paci and a nighttime one in his room). Someone on a fb group I am a part of, the mouth part of her baby's paci just came right out of the backing with a tug. Yikes.
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  • ^^the concept of a pacifier lasting a month makes me laugh. I feel like I lose them so often! I am constantly buying new ones. It doesn't help that she now can grab them and throw them across the room. I found a whole handful under her crib this morning.
  • My LO only took a pacifier for a couple of months and said screw it, I'm using my thumb. I didn't fight it and she only sucks on her thumb when she's tired or hungry.
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