Relative who makes inappropriate jokes about my kids

OK, so I have a relative who has made some comments about my kids that I feel are inappropriate. I have two daughters. Most recently, after I mentioned that my two month old is a laid back baby who doesn't mind being passed around and held by different people, my relative responded, "oh, she's already THAT kind of girl"

One or two comments like this, I could probably brush that off. But she has made multiple comments like this. It's a consistent thing.

Another time my toddler was wearing cupcake pajamas and she commented that her friend has a pair of sexy cupcake pajamas. I was like... OK... That's cool?

And I don't want to reveal my kids' names but another time she was joking that I could name all my kids after coins since the shortened version of one of my kid's nicknames is a coin. Then she said..."just don't name her Dollar unless you want her to be a girl of a certain profession "

There are the examples I can think of right now.

Comments like these that sexualize my children make me so unbearably uncomfortable. They are kids! Let them be kids! No need to make sexual jokes about them! That's my opinion...

These comments also cause me to lose trust in this relative who has offered to babysit multiple times.

I guess I'm posting just to ask... Am I overthinking this? I worry too much and overthink things all of the time. Are these probably just thoughtless comments and she doesn't realize what she's saying? Am I too sensitive?

If someone made these types of comments about your kids, how would you react?

Re: Relative who makes inappropriate jokes about my kids

  • If it were only one comment, I would let it go. But if the same person continued to make passive aggressive and snarky comment, I would have no problem calling them on their bull shit.

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  • I would not let this person watch my kids.
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  • Next time they say something inappropriate call them on it! Otherwise they may have never thought about it and not realize how creepy it is. If they continue after that, then you might have something to be concerned about.
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    Absolutely say something. Be honest about how that is inappropriate and makes you uncomfortable. You'll find a tactful way to do so, you're clearly intelligent and will come up with a way to do this comfortably. I think what she's doing is totally bizarre and no you're not overthinking it or being over sensitive!! Good luck I hope it ends.
  • I would look at her straight in the eye and say, " what do you mean ?" Or "why do you say that ?" Put her on the spot and watch her squirm and no I wouldn't let her watch my kids.
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