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Health/Fitness Apps

Lots of us are interested in getting healthier in 2016 and getting our pre-baby bodies back. What Apps have you found to help you reach your goals? I got a FitBit for I'm using that well as Zova. What apps do you ladies love?

Re: Health/Fitness Apps

  • My fitness pal links to the Fitbit and is awesome! It does excercise and calories and it's free.
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    I like the old fashioned workout and eat right app. Lol

    I did sign up for a free 12 week program that looks promising. I'll edit this when I find the name!

    Editing.. :)
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  • I use my fitness pal and map my run.
  • I've used my fitness pal and runkeeper in the past.
  • When it comes to keeping fit and health, no app is needed. Just go for a run in the countryside. It will have all the same benefits whether you record it or not. Though if you are willing to track your fitness routine, download this one . It's easy to use and pretty effective
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