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Makena Progesterone Shots?

Hello all -

Almost 12 weeks and my OB suggested Makena progesterone shots starting around 16 wks - our first was born early at 35 weeks and 5 days.  We are right on the cusp of needing them I guess. I wondered if anyone had feedback on them (I will post in 3rd tri too).  I've started to do some research and found a few things but so far have the following questions (answer one or any:)): 
1. Have you found this shot to significantly alter your outlook i.e. cause depression or mood swings (worse than you expect in pregnancy of course LOL :)).
2. When did you start/when will you stop the shot?
3. Has anyone heard that this shot can cause prolonged labor and extremely slow dilation after you stop taking the shot? I read of people going into labor about 7-10 days after stopping the shot.
4. Have you found the shot to cause significant weight gain?

I've tried to limit the things I take during pregnancy (really I haven't even taken Tylenol) so I'm feeling a bit lost and trying to do my research..  Thanks for any thoughts/guidance you have on this. 


Re: Makena Progesterone Shots?

  • Progesterone has been shown to clinical support a pregnancy with a history of preterm labor.

    I was on it from 24 weeks to 35 for a shorten cervix. Mine was the pill into the vagina not the shot.
    I could not tell you if it caused weight gain or my bed rest did, but personally, that was the less of my concern.
    My only side effect was sleepy, so I did it at night.

    I made it to 39 weeks. I had a scheduled CS so I can't tell you about labor. However, my quick research does not show a correlation with progesterone for preterm labor and long labors.

    Also, I am kids side eyeing you for about the comment for 'limiting the amount of stuff' you take. 1) tynelol is safe. If you don't use it that is fine. 2) you don't want to take this med for what reason? Concerns about weight gain? Issues about labor? Harming your child?

    This medication is make to keep you pregnant so your child would grow. I would gladly take heroine if I knew it would keep baby safe and keep me pregnant while my childs brain and lungs mature.
  • I'm not familiar with that brand or if is different than the progesterone in oil shots that I took for several months in my pre-preg state or first tri (so, no, no experience with your needed use). I am quite sensitive to just about everything, and I didn't notice all that much with the shots. No depression, limited sleeping issues. I think I did gain about 3 pounds while on the estrogen and prog shots, but who really cares in the end?  Your butt will get sore after prolonged usage (the last 2-3 weeks of the 4 months were getting tough, literally). With the oil, you need to make sure you warm it up in your bra or under your arm; I always iced. Sorry if this info isn't relevant for your usage.
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  • I am on week 6 of progesterone shots this pregnancy, also for a history of preterm labor/delivery during my last pregnancy.  I didn't think twice about these shots as our goal is to make it to 37weeks.  I will also be a repeat c-section, so the long labor concerns don't apply to me.  I will continue the shots until 36weeks. 
    I haven't noticed any mood swings, out of the ordinary.  I've had some weight gain- hard to know if its because of the progesterone shots or pregnancy.
    Good Luck with your decision. 
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  • I started the progesterone shots at week 20 to help/try to prevent pre term labor and will continue them to week 36. My first was born at 38 weeks, second at 36 weeks, and the third at 34 weeks. My perinatal doc said she was on the fence regarding the shots for me - not a great percent of "success," but could help (less than 30%) . . . She left it up to me and I decided to do the shots because a little chance of prolonging pregnancy is better than none for me. Doc was on the fence because her opinion is that the shots are most effective for women who had preterm labors of 32 weeks or earlier. 

    I have not noticed any side effects from the shots and was told that it can't "hurt," only help. I have not gained much weight, maybe a pound or two total this pregnancy and am 24 weeks. 

    However, everyone is different and every pregnancy is different. Just sharing my experiences.
  • 1. Have you found this shot to significantly alter your outlook? Yes, when I first started my shots I had some depression and some just Meh I don't care about anything. It lasted about 2 weeks and then I leveled out. I had told the nurse about the symptoms and she told me it was a rare side effect. I'm fine now and it's 10 weeks later.
    2. When did you start/when will you stop the shot? Started at 16 weeks will stop at 36 weeks baring any issues.
    3. Has anyone heard that this shot can cause prolonged labor and extremely slow dilation after you stop taking the shot? I do not know as I'm supposed to have last shot and 2 days later have a c section. I'm not allowed to go into labor so I didn't ask about this.
    4. Have you found the shot to cause significant weight gain? I have gained 3lbs in the past 20 weeks so my answer is no.

    I really have no issues. My first was born at 27 weeks so I started Makena and so far so good. I'm now 26 weeks and no signs so far of preterm labor. Thank god. Each person reacts different though so kudos to toy for getting multiple opinions.
  • I have been taking the progesterone in oil shots since 6 weeks, am now 20 weeks, and will continue until 37 weeks. I have also had to add in the vaginal suppositories for a few weeks. I have not experienced any weight gain yet but I have experienced soreness from the shots at the injection site. The only other side effect I have noticed from the shots is fatigue. Initially I thought that it was typical first trimester fatigue but now at 20 weeks I think it is likely the progesterone too. No mood swings on the shots (suppositories are another story). I have not read anything about nor has my doctor mentioned prolonged labor as a result.
  • I have nothing to add to this, except every time I see the thread title I misread it as "making progesterone shots" which seems like a terrible idea.
    OP, hope you find the answers you're looking for!
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  • I started the makena shots 9 weeks ago. And I unfortunately have had the bad side effects from them.
    At 19 weeks I had an emergency cerclage put in and was put on the progesterone suppositories and the shot. Even on cervix has thinned out to barely anything. 
    The first shot didn't hurt and was alright, but from the second one on have been left me in so much pain I'll lay in bed crying for 2 or 3 days. My hips are so knotted I can't wear pants hardly, sitting is unbearable, and my hips and back are raw from itching and scratching at the injection sites.
    I have opted to stop the shots all together [I'm 28 weeks] only because I am on hospital bed rest and not allowed to walk. But that was my personal decision and I am still doing the suppositories, now if I was at home and able to move around I would suffer through the injections a little longer.
    My 2 oldest were born at 36 weeks. My youngest I lost at 22 weeks but aside from an incompetent cervix, there were 2 other issues that contributed to us losing her, so I can't for sure pin it on preterm labor.
  • I am on progesterone, no side effects and no weight gain. That being said progesterone is completely safe to take in pregnancy. My goal is to stay pregnant as long as possible and honesty, if that meant chopping off my arm and dealing with the side effects I would. I'm scared shitless of preterm labour 
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