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Hey moms i need some teething advice. My daughter is now 7 months old and has her first tooth. There are some days her tooth does bother her and I been giving her pedi-care when she needs but she throws it up when she has a full stomach. I told her doctor about it and she told me to just give teething rings and anything that is cold and to not give her any more pain reliever or baby oral gel. The cold stuff or the teething rings does not help as much like i need it to. So my question is what else can I do to help her teething that can calm her down to where she is not cranky as much during the day and at night time so me and her can get some rest?

Re: Teething advice

  • What is Pedi-care?

    I've always liked Hyland teething tablets for my kids. They are natural and seem to help. I also give Tylenol if things are really bad but that's not that often.

  • I've tried baby orajel naturals and it didn't really do much for my 8 month old. I then tried Hyland teething tablets. I will NEVER do that again. She ended up vomiting throughout the day with those. I tossed them.

    For relief for her I put frozen fruit and veggies in a mesh feeder. Its got a handle on it so she can hold onto it. I do run the feeder under hot water for about 30 seconds to make sure the fruits and veggies aren't too cold. Seems to help since its cold, tasty, and something that she feels like she's doing for herself. All wins for us. I've heard of soaking a rag in chamomile tea and putting it in the fridge to chill. Not tried that though.
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  • My baby is teething as well. Unfortunately it's a painful process, physically for baby and more mentally for the parents. I was told by his pediatrician that baby orajel should be avoided because it can numb baby throat and he may not be able to pass saliva and choke. The best thing to do is teething toys or cold cloth baby can chew on. Hang in there!
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  • Mine loves the hylans teething tabs! He recognizes the bottle and opens right up and loves sucking on them. It at least distracts him for a minute! Mine doesn't seem to like the frozen teethers much either, but try a cold damp washcloth, they can chew and tug on it with their teeth. Also freezing those are good, you can kind of mold it's shape. We do Motrin when it gets bad but try not to use it too often it on an empty stomach. Good luck! It's so helpless when they're in pain :(
  • My little guy has been teething since forever it feels like and finally about 2 weeks ago his 2 bottom teeth popped at 6 months old. Now the 2 teeth beside those 2 bottom teeth are ripping through. At times he will use the frozen teething rings but sometimes he gets so irritable that he will reject everything I do to try and soothe him. Until one day I decided to freeze his pacifier. I put 2 pacifiers in a bowl of ice and swapped them back and forth into his mouth,  When 1 got warm I gave him the other cold one. I did this for 5-10 minutes and it worked.  It soothes him. It's like the only thing that works for him. 
  • Someone suggested to me freezing breast milk in a nipple using a ring pop base as a handle. Teething Popsicle! Haven't tried it yet. Assume that would work with formula too. 
  • I've read about the milk "pops" too but to do it in those mesh bags made for freezer treats, as a makeshift mold could come off and the pop becomes a choking hazard.
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