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Miscarriage with Misoprostol: How long did you cramp and bleed after?

Hello all,

Sadly my husband and I found on on December 28th that we had a blight ovum and were having a missed miscarriage. It was reconfirmed on January 4th and my body still was showing no signs of miscarriage naturally. We opted for the Misoprostol tablets. I placed 4 in my vagina Friday AM and around 3pm I had cramping and starting passing my first clots. It was intense and pretty sure it all came out. I was only measuring 6w 3dys. Saturday I was only spotting and felt great. Sunday I started having cramping again and bleeding more like a period with some clots. It is 5 days later (tuesday) and I still have cramping and period like bleeding with small clots.

How long did you bleed after your misscarriage with Misoprostol?
When did you get your period after?
How long before you conceived again?  

Thank you for your answers, I am new to this and so sad and anxious to try again. 

Best! Tara

Re: Miscarriage with Misoprostol: How long did you cramp and bleed after?

  • I did oral misoprostol tablets on 12/30 after finding out our baby had no heartbeat. It took about 2-3 hours before the cramps started. The worst cramps stopped within 24 hours, but I am still expelling some tissue and blood 2 weeks later. My doctor has been monitoring my HCG levels, to make sure they fall low enough so my body realizes I am no longer pregnant. She told me that if I don't have a period in 6 weeks (from the day I took the misoprostol), I should call her and start taking progesterone to trigger a period. 

  • I'm sorry for your loss. I bled for about a month after taking Cytotec for MMC in mid-November. I then had light spotting for about two weeks and then a normal period. My doctor monitored my HCG, which returned to 0 about the same time the bleeding stopped. She also did a u/s to ensure everything passed.

    I haven't conceived yet, so I can't answer that question.

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  • Thank you  both! I am so sorry for your miscarriage and will keep you both in prayer. I can't believe how long people bleed for after this. I am hoping it does not last too long. I want to really try again. I am 39 and worry about getting pregnant. I wish you both well!! xo
  • Im so sorry for your loss. Sadly I've done this twice this year and my experience both times was 2 days of intense cramps/heavy bleeding/big clots - then 2 or 3 days of bleeding and small clots - then another day of heavier bleeding/big clots - then it starts to taper off and ends at about day 10. The medicine starts the proccess but it's up to our bodies to carry out the rest so it varies.
    You may see some very small clots with your first period as well. (Just a heads up, don't be alarmed) Mine came 4 weeks after each time but we were advised to let one cycle pass before trying again.
    As far as getting pregnant again - I had a chemical pregnancy in March and concieved again right away. That pregnancy was a missed MC and it took us 4 months to concieve the pregnancy we just lost in early Dec. First cycle is passing now so we will be trying again soon. It's very possible to get pregnant again quickly, as long as you feel you are emotionally ready and passed this horrible situation, there is always hope!
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    hi @taradavis0515, so sorry to hear about your loss :(

    I had a similar situation back in October in terms of how far along I was and having to take misoprostol. I bled heavily for about 24 hours w/ severe cramping. Then I had regular bleeding like a normal period for about 4 days as I passed the rest of the tissue. Then about a week later, i had what appeared to my normal period but it only lasted 2 days. 

    I got my regular period (seemed to be a normal cycle) 4 weeks after taking the misoprostol.

    Unfortunately, we haven't conceived yet. Best of luck to you!
  • Well follow up to this, I did not pass it all and I had to go to the hospital last Thursday and have a D&C. I am just hoping it is all over now. I am still bleeding and a bit tender, but no major cramping. I am hoping that we can get past this bleeding soon and just try again. I hope this miscarriage was a fluke and we go on to have a happy ending with the next one! Thank you all! 
  • @taradavis0515 -- I'm so sorry for your loss! I'm new to this as well, and just to give you some perspective, I had a natural mc on Jan 14 with severe cramping/bleeding for about a day, then tapered off to heavy period like symptoms, but it's been 10 days and I'm still bleeding lightly (no cramping). I'm also hoping it ends soon so I can get back to a normal cycle. I'm trusting my body to deal with it, but I'm also getting impatient! Best of luck to you.
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  • I’m so sorry for your loss. I was recently dxd with a mmc and took the misoprostol two weeks ago; the cramping started about a half hour later and was severe for 4-5 hours until I passed the gestational sac, along with vomiting and chills. After that I still had some cramping, but it was manageable with pain medications. 

    I’m still having some bleeding, mostly spotting at this point (I had heavy bleeding for 6-7 days). We’ve decided not to try again until I have a regular period that will be easier to chart.
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