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Switching Formula

So last week pedi gave the ok to switch from Newborn to Similac Advanced-well Sam's version. She also wanted us to try #1 nipples again.

Well now we are getting more frequent spit ups (tsp or less) and today LO's tummy gurgled and then he projectile spit up. Didn't bother him but man was that scary!

Called pedi office and they said to keep with the Sam's formula but go back to #0 nipples.

So for you moms that have switched formulas, how long did it take for LO to regulate? They told me to give it a week but wanted to see what the experiences were.

Other than the spitting up LO doesn't seem excessively gassy, poops are still normal, and he's not fussy after eating other than last night after his 5:30 feeding he was a tiny terror. But I think he was still hungry as he took 2 more ounces and calmed down.

I know if the spitting up isn't large amounts and isn't bothering him I shouldn't worry. But I do, I second guess my decsions all the time now! I also feel bad his spitting up interrupts his play time.

Re: Switching Formula

  • My DD spits up all the time breast or bottle. She's just a guzzler and we need to slow her down, I try not to let it affect our playtime anymore I just put a receiving blanket down and let her play and do her thing.
  • @kdoak2015 thank you! Yeah I guess I shouldn't let my fear or him spitting up hinder his playtime if he's ok with it.
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  • No worries, I was the same way at the beginning, her spit up consumed me. I got super frustrated with it and now I just roll with it and know I'll be changing her several times a day and go through a lot of receiving blankets.
  • I think the constant second guessing myself is taking it's toll. Every little thing gets me- is this right, is this normal, am I doing this wrong. I make high level decisions at work on a daily basis and never thought I would be this way. It's so frustrating!
  • We all do it, just take it one day at a time
  • I would be thrilled if my kid only spit up a tsp or less. I just assume he will get 2 or 3 outfits a day due to spitting up.

    All baby's have reflux to some degree so it is completly normal and expected that he will have some spit up. It should improve once he gets better control of the muscle connecting the stomach and esophagus
  • It's strange, when he was on the newborn he would spit up a ton but only maybe 2-3 times a day. Now it's all day but less. I switched back again to the slowest flow nipple and it seems to help with the spit up issue. Although now he is back to getting frustrated with flow so it's a never ending battle!

    MIL left me an 8 min voicemail today about her "worries" about LO, how I should have never switched his formula and he's sick and doesn't play enough, etc. Needless to say I'm drinking wine in bed right now!

    It's hard enough as is, I don't need a third party chiming in on things she knows nothing about! Oh I'm sorry, didn't you spill hot coffee on one of your kids and not strap the other into a high chair and they climed out and busted their head open! I think I'm good-thanks!
  • We are going through the same spit up problem and I think it is from switching from #0 to #1 nipples like you did. Early on we found he spit up almost everything after eating from #1 nipples so we switched and that seemed to do the trick. I tried going back to #1 this week and he is slowly getting the hang of the increased flow. Hard part now is he isn't nursing as well I think because when he eats from a bottle with #1 nipple he gets it faster than he does from nursing. I feel like I am starting from scratch trying to figure out his eating! He only gained 8oz in a month and is down to the 12th percentile in weight so the dr wants us to supplement after nursing and see if he just isn't nursing well enough to gain weight. It's so hard figuring all of this out!
  • It is! It's like a balancing game you never seem to be able to win! I had such a hard time when I tried BF'ing-I always thought that would be way easier than FF. Boy was I wrong! Good luck to you and LO!
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    Bridget is having some problems with spit up and we've taken to burping her after each ounce.  It slows down the feeding and seems to help.  My first had very bad reflux and would projectile vomit after every single meal.  Having that experience definitely allowed me to recognize the difference between normal spit up and worrisome vomit.  Projectile is a bit worrisome and you did the right thing by calling the doctor.  Spit up that just flows or even projectile that doesn't bother your LO is usually not a problem. 

    Second guessing yourself is pretty much the hallmark of a first time mom.  Give yourself a break.  I can almost promise you that things like which formula he's on is not going to make or break anything for him.  As long as he's in a safe environment, stays relatively clean, and has food, you're winning at motherhood.    
    If there's something strange underneath the hood.  Who you gonna call?  Your Doctor.  If there's something weird and it don't look good.  Who you gonna call?  Your Doctor.  Immediately.  If it's new, painful, and possibly pregnancy related get your ass off the internet and call your doctor.  It's for your health and your child's. 

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